Psychic Glenna: Win the Battle With Your Ego

You Are Not Your Ego

“Nothing is random,” Psychic Glenna ext. 5418 told me at the beginning of our interview. “We may not like it, but it’s certainly not random. Where we have control is how we perceive it.” That truth rang through me as I looked back at the situations I recently faced, and I was exhausted from dealing with everything. Not only that, but I felt at a crossroads in my career. Where was I to go to next? What she said next just about knocked me off my feet:

“We get in our own way.”

Here I thought I was working hard and being diligent on so many projects, but I think Glenna was right. I wasn’t finishing anything and, in some cases, getting nowhere on my dreams. I was getting in my own way. I was wrapped up in the little details so much I couldn’t see the bigger picture. I thought the little details were so important. Glenna has this uncanny ability to see all these challenges and then shift to the bigger picture. It’s like seeing where the road is actually taking you and why you’re on that path. She can even see when you’re headed down the wrong road.

In reality, I allowed my ego to take over and blinded myself along the way.

“When the ego gets involved, then fear creeps in and we start thinking, ‘What if…’ I help people to stay more focused on their inspiration and how we get in our way,” Glenna explained. Again, she was right. I was afraid to achieve my dream. I was afraid of success. I was afraid of taking the risk. I know achieving my dream would make me happy. I would feel successful and thrilled that I achieved it. And yet, I was unhappy, unsuccessful and I had not achieved my dream.

When you realize you’ve lost your connection to your inspiration or can’t see the big picture, that’s when the ego has taken over. Glenna recommends using a visualization to regain your focus. “See angels around you taking your inspiration and running with it. It’s now in angelic hands. There’s nothing else to be done. It’s being guided, inspired and you’ll look at it differently. You can trust it, because it’s stripped from the ego.” By doing this, you’ve detached yourself from it. You’re not letting it go, but shifting your perception. By doing so, you’re opening up space to step in a different direction.

“When you’re at a crossroads or putting your energy in the wrong direction, you have to be more structured within yourself and within your own schedule,” Glenna went on to say. “Create a cutoff date and slice time off at the end of the day to recharge. You’ll find when you consciously make the room to call what you want into your life, even if it’s a small amount of time, you’ll tip the energy scales to have things move in your direction.”

Glenna concluded with these thoughts, “We’re so protective and judgmental of ourselves. Get out of your emotions and go with your gut.” When you need an ego check, call Glenna. She’ll help you find your confidence again.

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8 thoughts on “Psychic Glenna: Win the Battle With Your Ego

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  2. arise

    Nicole: I have a new dog and I’ve just discovered how effective it is to turn my back when he plays too rough, won’t release the ball, etc. He becomes gentle and cooperates immediately when I turn my attention to something else.

    A similar approach might keep your ego from messing up your love life: stop trying to force, bribe, manipulate, nag, or plead for the love you seek. People don’t like to be pushed, but they can be led. Turn your attention to something else for a while. If they love you, they will follow.

  3. marialaloca77MariaH92114

    Wow! It’s healing to know this has an explination yet what if the Bigger Picture is not all what its cracked up to be?


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