Psychic Jessamine Channels Your Holiday Message

Psychic Jessamine Channels Your Holiday Message

A Holiday Message of Love

A new year is approaching and paradigms are shifting. I am excited to share a channeled message with you from Inama (Masters of Light).

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Dear Ones,

We have come to give you a message for your season of gifting and receiving. We ask you to raise the vibrations as a collective consciousness. Truly understand who you are and what you create. What you experience is a gift to self, even if the gift is not your truest desire. Heart and emotion are the creators mixed with the spices of thought. We ask you to focus on the new year with love and pure excitement, for we see a wonderful change being unwrapped by your heart.

Love for All

This time of year brings great sadness to many and great joy for others. We ask you to see all the hearts that surround you. Be one with them and see your light shift to higher frequencies of love for all. Loved ones surround you and lost loves will forever be a part of your growth in totality. You are never left alone.

Your Inner Soul

Become acquainted with your inner soul and start seeing the greater pictures of you. Now is a great time to remember your gift to self and others. This gift is a new form of love. All are one in the hearts of one heart.

Infinite Abundance

We ask that all of you see gift giving in a new light and understand the values that it brings forth. The universe is a majestic gift all in itself and once your connection is remembered, your surroundings will be filled with infinite abundance.

Your Truest Nature

Love is beyond the comprehension of human understanding, so we ask that you trust in its existence within you. Please see this love as something that exists within your essence. Access this profound frequency and feel it within every cell of your being. Love is your truest nature and the power of all that is—the access to all universes within universes.

Realize Your Power

Dear ones, your minds are more than your limitations. The moment you realize your power, the moment your new year will be filled with joy and gifts. You seek love and you seek happiness; what is lacking is your place of receiving. Your heart is the true connection to source, and once connected, you will feel alive and free.

Love Yourself First

We ask you to be in love with yourself first. Be the gift you seek. Be the love you seek. Allow your heart to take lead in all that you choose and do. We are forever with you, forever one with you, and our heart is within your heart and with that we love you.


You are beautiful and light the room for all loved ones to enjoy. The gifts that surround your foundation are the gifts you give yourself and will complete you.

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5 thoughts on “Psychic Jessamine Channels Your Holiday Message

  1. GEMINI6

    Merry Christmas Jessamine and Happy New Year. Thank u for your beautiful message from Inama (Masters of Light) I am going to share it with my family and friends. Awesome and inspirational.

    Thank you

  2. Lisa

    Jessamine, My this years holiday season bring happiness to you and many thanks for your beautiful readings….May the New Year bring you Golden Dreams that all come true…

  3. jv ramireddy

    Dear madam,
    Thanking you.
    I(mars conjunction uranus) am so exiting and feeling so much tension about the energy is coming to light which is first which is now i am free bird.

    jv ramireddy.


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