Make Your New Year’s Resolution a Reality

New Year's Resolution a Reality

Your New Year’s Resolution Guide to Success

This is the time of year when many people make their resolutions to improve and change their lives. Why then do so many New Year’s resolutions fail miserably when they are what we really want? Are we deliberately setting ourselves up to fail year after year?

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Giant Wishes and Fantasies

First of all, my gentle readers, I suggest we look at the resolutions themselves. Are they akin to giant wishes you’d make as a child when seeing a falling star? Are they the daydreams rooted in fantasies of lottery winnings or old sweethearts returning? Are they so over the top that nothing short of Merlin’s magic could make them happen?

Shooting Yourself in the Foot

If the answer to any of those questions is “yes,” we need to examine why you feel compelled to shoot yourself in the foot every year about this time. Sometimes the root motivation is as simple (and complex) as a genuine fear of success. Maybe things are finally going pretty good in your life and you would like to hit the high mark of your desires. Perhaps you have wanted to learn a new dance step or lose that last 15 pounds. You’ve been doing so great in so many other areas of your life, certainly you can handle a little thing like this. How hard could it be?


This is where the problem kicks in. Suddenly you find yourself too busy to go to the class for which you just paid quite a bit of money. As for those 15 pounds, well, it is winter, and it is so cold, and you have plenty of time in the spring to start going for walks. Besides, all these bulky winter clothes hide your extra pounds. Sound familiar?

Three Weeks to Change

You have the opportunity to change your thinking. If you change your thinking, you can do anything! Studies have shown that it takes three weeks to really break a habit. Just three weeks. They can be very difficult and challenging three weeks, but it still takes less than one month to change what has been haunting you for years.

Start With One Small Goal

Have a small notebook beside your bed and take a few moments to set one small goal every day. If your goal is to walk up the stairs instead of taking the elevator, then jot it down and focus on making that one goal happen. You will be surprised by how great you’ll feel after your goal has been achieved. It won’t be long before you have altered a bad habit into a very good one.

2016 is a 9 Year

2016 has some wonderful magic built into its very core. In numerology, 2016 is a 9 year—the most perfectly balanced number in the entire Universe! It is the result of a lovely combination of 3s. The number 3 is sacred in virtually every culture on the planet: “Third time’s the charm,” “holy trinity,” “3 wishes” … the list goes on and on! This year has a great deal of power!

Universal Power and Potential

2016 isn’t just another year filled with more of the same. This is a year that can infuse your personal resolutions with universal power and potential. From beginning to end, 2016 is going to change your world! Don’t let a single moment pass by without genuinely embracing it!

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2 thoughts on “Make Your New Year’s Resolution a Reality

  1. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Jesse,
    Hope you have a great year !!!! Liked your article, makes a lot of sense.

    I agree with you, Jesse,… individual generally makes better progress with taking baby steps towards their goals, rather than trying to get there with one giant leap. Easy does it.

    Hope everybody else has a healthy, happy, and prosperous New Year !!!!!!

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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