Past Life Regressions and Healing Now

 The Spiritual Baggage of a Past Life

A remarkable amount of knowledge resides in the human soul, however, some of it may be just out of reach of our conscious thoughts. The possibility of having experienced past lives means that along with all of your former achievements comes past traumas and losses too. You can carry these latent memories with you through multiple lifetimes and if you do not become aware of it, the weight can burden your spirit and affect your choices for many lifetimes to come. If you take the proactive step towards past life regression, you’ll be on your way towards freeing your soul from this spiritual baggage.

The Symptoms

Challenges come in many forms in your lifetime. It’s recognizing the issues and finding their true source, within this lifetime or another, that gives us the power to recreate our lives. Whether the challenges are phobias, recurring nightmares, bad relationship patterns, chronic illnesses, drug addictions, etc., it’s imperative to get to the root of the issue no matter in which lifetime the trauma occurred.

Your Session

Your psychic is there to help you recall and recognize the negative cycles or patterns of behavior you have been experiencing in this lifetime. Then through deep relaxation and meditation your subconscious will access the past memories and this aides you in healing yourself in this lifetime. Through this journey you will release old physical and emotional traumas, thus opening the door to spiritual healing.

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Unlock Your Full Potential

This knowledge allows you to make peace with your past and move on from it. In doing so, it frees you to be the brightest version of yourself possible—one unencumbered by past failures and fears. The new you will be able to make healthier, wiser choices, unlocking your full potential to create the life you want.

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Loving Yourself and Others

Through this process, you will learn the true meaning of loving yourself and others. When the self-loathing or fears from past regrets and trauma are released, you will be able to see yourself in a more realistic and positive light. Through learning how to love yourself, you will learn how to truly love others, free of judgment, emotional baggage and fear.

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Conquer Fear of Death

Fear of the unknown regarding life after death can affect how peacefully and completely we live our lives. When you connect to past lives and experiences, it allows you the opportunity to see the bigger picture. It validates your existence not only in this lifetime, but also in many lifetimes to come.

4 thoughts on “Past Life Regressions and Healing Now

  1. EMILY

    How is regression and healing givin? And much does it cost? How long does the session
    last or take?
    I was once told that this was my first and only life.????????
    Thank you Emily

  2. Maria da Graça Muñoz

    Making correctios: I am widowed brasilian woman 49 year, fallen n love to canadian man( Alain).We are knowing each othr for 2 years and wat to begin, raise afamily together, but feel lik iron balls on my legs. Spent Money, not few asking for answers and nothing, abolutely nothing. Feel me o lost, can’t loose my Faith. Need help, serious help. Regards,
    Maria da Graça Muñoz

  3. Maria da Graça Muñoz

    I’m desperated and ry understand who peope wo live herewat tole and make us feel that the darkness is constantly one reference into my life. I want to change , but feel like iron balls on my legs. I’m brasilian widowdwoman, 49 years.I’mfallen inlove by canadian na(Alai). Wewantto shere and reaise nw life. Spent mne asking for answers and notin. Ca’t loos my Faith, u need help, serious help


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