Your New Moon Horoscope for May 2013

Strengthen Your Base

The New Moon in Taurus on May 9 packs an extra punch courtesy of its accompanying Solar Eclipse. This is a good thing, rest assured. Why? Coming just in time for spring, a Taurean New Moon is a perfect time to ready the soil of our lives, for if foundations are fertile, any seeds we plant will take and thrive.

Here are three ways to maximize this month’s lunar energy!

Nourish Your Body

Let’s face it: Our bodies are the first thing most of us take for granted. If you’re among the throngs of stressed out, overworked and under-appreciated people, odds are you’re not always taking the best care of yourself. This is a perfect time to change that. Go on a health kick. Get as many fruits and veggies into your diet as possible. Stretch, walk or try some yoga. Your exercise need not be strenuous or intimidating. The idea here is balance. Taurus encourages you to root yourself on this planet in the healthiest, most balanced vessel possible.

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Nourish Your Mind

We’re all addicted to technology. These days it’s rare for someone to make it through a half hour of TV without texting and/or checking Facebook. But part of the grounding process favored under this lunar influence involves unplugging to give your brain a break. Allow yourself to center. This means turning off the electronics for a stretch and sitting with yourself. Meditation would be ideal, but if you’re not quite there yet, just take a long hot bath with some good deep breaths. Connect with yourself and clear your head!

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Nourish Your Senses

Taurus loves luxury. This Earth Sign is all about sensual indulgence. So beyond the deep breathing and healthy eating, don your softest skivvies, light your favorite scented candle and set your intention—a grounded foundation from which to spring forth and flourish!

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17 thoughts on “Your New Moon Horoscope for May 2013

  1. karen wittgraf

    I find your advice calming. Taurus loves peace, love and good thoughts and that is what you have given.
    True happiness comes from helping others and I am hoping to keep focusing on that.
    Thank you!



  3. Alexandra

    Thank you Maryanne for this reminder and help in choosing good astrological energy to also add to the results.

  4. Araanza

    Hi this is Araanza!! This is a beautiful article, indeed!!! Soooo true our body it’s the one more loyal and keep resisting until it can’t do it anymore!!! Time to make a little changes, and be a little fair!!! Let’s enjoy our lives to the fullest and be kind, polite, faithful and honest!!!?

  5. urbanangel

    wow…@alaynah…hopefully, when you do your spring cleaning, “rudeness” will be something you choose to toss

  6. Andrea

    Im so in love with the taurus sign its unbelievable me being a libra I feel so connected with this sign and safe. The only real relationships I ever have are with taurus.

  7. Rose

    Dearest Maryanne,

    Thank you for the beautiful message you have about to nourish the mind and body. It gives me a tips on this.

    Thank you,


  8. Shantell

    Hi my name is Shantell Rosario. I have just found out some sad news about an ex boyfriend. He passed away May 3rd. I was wondering if he had anything to say or wanted me to know?

  9. libby 5288

    Maryanne, love u for the wonderful article, yes, we all sometimes forget to care for ourselves, we become so intrigued with family, work, that from there we go downhill, then we wonder why we are depressed, out of balance and why things just don’t work for us. Maryanne, you are an amazing women, I have loved many of your articles n also read them because life is about balance and loving yourself, if we don’t do it for ourselves how in the world are we going to help others or figure out life in general. Exercise, diet and reading many books on wisdom can get us all in connection with ourselves, we need to learn more about Meditation, this is one way also that puts us all in right thinking, but also gives us peace of mind, so many are not into meditation, but fear also takes us away from trying something new. Once we take care of you, then you will have the faith to take charge of yourself no matter female or male, but in the long path of this journey we don’t lose in learning, but we gain success n learn to deal with stress much more relaxed. Finding your true spiritual self is love. Once you start to love and care for you, you are on the right path, you can see what happens, only good puts us at the right place at the right time. Thank you Maryanne. Love n Light.

  10. alaynah

    I would like to know why you should do these things when actually you just need to sometimes find a quite place and be yourself without everything being so noisy so I wont follow your instructions because it’ll make more stress on me.
    PS.- Try to be better at what you are doing instead of giving people the stupid stuff you are giving us.

  11. Leonard Morgan

    my Hearing is Very Bad…wounded in USAF with inner Ears Damaged, Tinnitus, and Hearing Loss… It makes my Life miserable & suffer, & V.A.M.C. not taking best Care of me… espec. Audiology no good for hearing aids

  12. Janet Thomson

    Will I ever find my soulmate even though i asked a guy out 8 months ago when I am at work in my voluntary job, I catch him looking at me does that mean he is interested or is he too shy to say anything

  13. Merry Haack

    Sooo enjoy your column, facing surgery tomorrow morning and this gives me food for thought…in a nicest kind of way! Thank you and
    Angel hugs

  14. cmaster

    There is this guy I totally fell for but he acts like he could care less about me. He tries to act like he has no feelings at all. I really care about him but should just give up? I have done everything but throw myself at him I even tried to basically buy his love and still….i get nothing.
    Please Help!!


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