Your Solar Eclipse Horoscope for May – November 2013

Eclipses: The Windows Between Worlds

Eclipses are phenomena that have been observed with wonder by humanity for centuries. The amazing occurrences of the Sun disappearing for a time during the day is only possible by the strange coincidence that our Sun appears to be exactly the same size as the Moon from our viewpoint, due to their relative distances from Earth.

These events were so revered by ancient people that kings and emperors employed wise men to observe and predict their occurrences. Eclipses happen every six months and are considered the time when the “windows between worlds” open. Psychics and other intuitive people will sense the impending powerful changes they bring while astrologers observe the sky and consider the eclipse’s 1200 – 1500 year “family series.” Get a detailed solar eclipse forecast with a reading from Psychic Quinn ext. 5484.

Read on to find out how the eclipse with affect your sign!


You’ll find a shift in finances and your personal values from May to November, 2013. Intense sexual encounters are likely to draw you in one direction while your personal ambitions make opposite demands. Use those intense energies and passions to drive both your love and career desires, and you’ll be amazed at what you accomplish.


The May 10 Solar Eclipse is in your sign and offers profound, new experiences in relationships and fabulous opportunities for your own self-expression and self-awareness. Communications are the key to unlocking a future you never dreamed possible. Be patient with partners who are excited by your intensity and sensuality and just a little afraid of the “new you.”


The next six months bring relationships that will feel like ancient partners you have known “forever” with karmic ties. You may find yourself talking all night with someone. You’re completing old, emotional patterns and beginning a new way of relating. Releasing old sources of pain can really improve your health.


Your love life and creativity are transforming. Study and research groups could really prove to offer opportunities in both those areas of life. You are so sensitive to the flow of emotions around you during this period that you could use this knowledge to flourish.


During the next six months, you’ll be on a see-saw between home and career that has high energy and an equal set of demands. You’ll be feeling more emotional than usual during this period and very, very sensual! Friends will be a joy and relief during this time, and you’ll have your usual fun. There are just so many places to be and so little time! Looking to find your balance again? Get a life path reading from astrologer Psychic Charrmayne ext. 5058 and find out how.


From April to November, you’ll enjoy a period when education and travel can have real payoffs for the future. You are never shy about taking on hard work, and this will be an amazingly productive time. Those strange interruptions from brothers, sisters or simple communication glitches happen, but you’ll find some amazing spiritual relationships through it all.


The intensity of a lover over the next six months could really be exciting and overwhelming. You’ll also be very focused on finances during this time. Possibly a parent or someone at home could assist with your future financially or with their time and wisdom. You might ask them to invest in your plans and goals.


Partnerships from May through November will be revealing, fulfilling and challenging, all at the same time. Focus on communications and you could really be successful in your career. Travel and education over the summer will be particularly good for personal growth and developing a relationship with someone special.


The workplace and your health will demand your attention from May through November. With a little effort, this could bring a real financial windfall or an amazingly lucrative investment opportunity. July can bring some wonderful surprises in your love life and some brilliant creativity.


Your love life is going to be so full of surprises, emotions and excitement over the next six months that you may have trouble focusing. A new lover will be both generous and fun, or your current mate may suddenly be more loving and giving. If you haven’t yet found that person, activities with friends or networking may bring you a lover.

If you’re lacking in dating confidence, stop where you are. Get right with yourself first, so not only do you have a solid foundation to work from, but the likelihood of being successful in your dating endeavors!” – Psychic Simone ext. 5346


There will be many changes between May and October in your home life and with parents. Career demands will be insistent, but you can meet them by drawing on inner realms and inherent talents that you hadn’t previously considered. Breakthroughs are available through your communication skills. Make your innovative ideas feel “real” to others and you could have real success.


“Inspiration and communication”—this will be Pisces’ mantra from May through November, 2013. You are in the flow of some beautiful, emotional energy that will amaze others and a generous and enjoyable lover could be a big part of this magical time. Very intense demands contribute to your social circle or other personal networks, but you could find that great love in this way if you’re not with someone now.

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