My Journey With a Shaman

My journey with a Shaman happened six years ago. A friend suggested one following conversations about the spiritual weight of negative past experiences. Her shaman facilitated a journey towards spiritual healing — and based on her positive experience, I made an appointment.

A few days later, the Shaman showed up at my apartment. I felt a mix of relief and nervousness. Instructing me to lie comfortably on my back, she stood behind me in the center of the room, and called upon the spirits of the four cardinal directions: South, West, North and East. She first faced South and blew scented water from her palm while summoning the archetype spirit of the southern direction, the serpent. She repeated this process for the West: the jaguar, the North: the hummingbird, and the East: the eagle. She then summoned Mother Earth, touching the ground, and finally — Father Sky — as she reached to the heavens.

Then she knelt by my head as she floated incense over my body. She explained she was opening my Chakras, beginning at the top of my head and descending to the last Chakra, at the base of my spine. The Shaman announced that my solar plexus and throat chakras were partially blocked and placed a quartz crystal on my lower stomach and throat. She used an eagle feather on each of my Chakras, not quite touching my body. She chanted in a low voice while making arced motions with the feather, as if to ‘scoop out’ any negative energy blocking my Chakras from flowing correctly. After about fifteen minutes, I began to feel ‘lighter’ inside my body, which is the best way I can describe the effect.

I began to cry and the Shaman encouraged me to let it all out. “Release the pent up stagnant energy.” Focusing on memories of my father and the negative feelings and emotions attached to him, I cried out the pain I’d carried with me over the years — it was clogging my chakras and energy flow.

Near the end of our session, the shaman asked, “Do you want to know about the past life I picked up from your energy?” I was very curious. She responded, “You were a concubine for a king, and your soul deserves to be free in this lifetime.” I didn’t know how to process that, only that I have a tendency toward masochistic thinking.

Finally, she closed up my Chakras one by one, and thanked the spirits of the four cardinal directions. Then she asked me to stand up and stretch. She warned that I might feel some cramping in my solar plexus chakra. It’s where most of my negative energy was stored. Sure enough, I felt unusual abdominal cramping, which was very painful. It felt like my body was responding to the loss of the ‘energy pocket’ that had been there for so long.

The next week, I felt lighter in my physical body than I had my entire life. It was like walking around with my feet barely touching the ground, and I felt somehow physically closer to the air and sky.

Have you ever had a Shaman experience? If not, would you?

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