Love Resolutions

Focus at least one of your New Year’s resolutions on your love life in 2010. Check out your sign and your love’s sign to help you zero in on the most beneficial love accomplishment to work on this year.

Your action-oriented sun sign wants to be known as a can-do lover. In order to walk your talk, make a resolution that your words will match your actions, from now on. This year when you say, “I love you,” follow it up with a thoughtful presentation of a morning cup of coffee, or an extra hug, ensuring your lover knows you mean it too.

Taurus: When it comes to love, your Ferdinand the Bull sun sign just wants a little peaceful grazing in the pastures. but, it’s time to vow to yourself that you’ll do more talking with your other half to iron out any wrinkles or misunderstandings. Withholding from your dearly beloved won’t cut it anymore.

Gemini: As the Zodiac sign of the twins, you sometimes find yourself wanting two conflicting things (like lovers) at the same time. This year, you might want to buck up and take a decisive resolution toward singleness of purpose, insuring your best efforts will provide the fun and good times you’ve been craving all along.

Cancer: What you want in your love life more than anything is a strong crab shell of protection and safety. This is the year to let your lover know the things they can say and do to increase your sense of well being. Your security comes from knowing what you want and having a lover who provides it. Don’t be shy — express your needs.

Your ferocious lion’s roar is really just a kitty’s meow. You’re a lover — not a fighter (unless cornered). As one of the most affectionate signs of the Zodiac, make up your mind this year to be as generous with your compliments as you want others to be toward you. Lead the way in kindness.

Virgo: When it comes to the Virgin in love, you are thoughtful and considerate and even willing to put your needs on the back burner. This year, make a healthy resolution to ask for something special from your lover every now and then, like a foot massage or back rub. Not only will you feel better, but think of it as a well-earned reward for all the good you do for them.

Libra: As the sign of scales and balance, you need beauty to enrich your love life to ensure happiness. The best way to accomplish this is to make a love resolution that surrounds you with beauty in every form. You can do this with flower bouquets, painting a room together, or asking your love to take you to an art exhibit.

Scorpio: Such deeply psychic and determined desert arthropods like you want — more than anything — is to know you won’t be abandoned. If you and your partner make a resolution now to continuously brainstorm solutions regularaly, you won’t have to experience desertion. You’ll enjoy a loving connection at a profound soul level.

Sagittarius: As the sign that looks most like Cupid with his arrow of love, what the Archer needs most of all is complete and utter joy in relationships. As a fire sign, this is accomplished by making a regular date night. It’s time to return to raucous love and laughter by learning how to ice skate, ski, play in the snow, or seek adventure!

Capricorn: In matters of love, as the high-achieving gorgeous goats of the mountain tops, you want a lover who will make you look good. Your reputation insists upon it. So make a resolution for the two of you to get hair and wardrobe makeovers. After a day of pampering, top it off with a night at the symphony.

Aquarius: What you crave most in matters of the heart is a lover who not only tells you the truth, but is your best friend. So make a resolution/pact to schedule regular romantic, incense-laden nights, where you tell each other what you most love about the other. Your friendship and your
love life will benefit.

Pisces: As the most sensitive lover of the Zodiac, what you want in your relationship is to be able to retreat in to a gossamer and ethereal world shared only by the two of you. Make a resolution, to spend more time together listening to beautiful music, watching romantic films, or walking in parks or gardens. It will bring great happiness.

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