Psychic Q&A: Her Twin Flame

Psychic Q&A: Her Twin Flame

A Married Twin Flame

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Dear Psychic Reed,

I’m in love with a married man and I believe that he is my twin flame. He and I connect on every level imaginable. Right now, he is undergoing a kind of personal transformation after “living like a robot” (his words) for much of his life. He says he has no real sense of self and he lives his life out of duty to others too.

My twin flame suppressed so many emotions after he caught his wife cheating on him six years ago. He caught her and her lover in their own home! He claims he is staying in the marriage for their 11-year-old daughter and we are currently not together. I told his wife about us. He was initially upset but he forgives me. He and I maintain contact, but I’m wondering if he will be able to forgive himself for cheating on his wife with me (even though she has cheated on him). Is there a future for us? Will the transformation he is undergoing benefit our relationship in some way?


Psychic Reed ext. 5105 responds:

Dear Laura,

There certainly is a future for you and your twin flame, but like all of us, he has some growing to do. Your situation is certainly a complicated one, but know that everything happens for a reason. I can understand him wanting to stay close to his daughter, but I feel there is a deeper reason for him staying. I believe that his marriage is much like a classroom and it’s teaching him something. As soon as he completes his life lesson, that connection will snap and he will not stay in his marriage. He will find a way to divorce his wife without divorcing his daughter.

I feel that your twin flame’s growing speed is much slower than yours and so it may take him longer than you would like to complete the growth that is ahead of him. Twin flame connections can be some of the most challenging connections. However, they are also some of the most beautiful once they fully manifest, so give him time for this growth and it will be worth it.

In his case, all growth is good growth and what benefits him now will benefit your relationship with him in the future. Try not to take it too hard that he hasn’t yet forgiven himself. He’s normally a trustworthy man who dislike secrets. It would be a far worse thing if he could be deceptive and have no conscience about it. He will forgive himself in the future.

Expect some ups and downs in early April with some relief and resolution in the middle of the month too. The energy comes to a peak in late April and you and your twin flame will certainly be more secure then.

Keep your faith in that connection with him; it’s a powerful one.


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4 thoughts on “Psychic Q&A: Her Twin Flame

  1. Kendall

    Is it a real thing to have a soul mate? Why is it me and this guy are still in contact since we were 12 ?Should I stop talking to this person ? I think of him all the time .thank you for your time

  2. Justin Sanders

    Awesome article on twinflames…it would be nice if you all covered this topic more. I am literally flowing through the info on twinflames and even sent mine this article. Definitely inspired to resesrch more into it.


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