Mantras for Meditation: December 30 – January 5

The Power of Mantras

Psychic Denisha covers victory, trust, healing, confidence, and more in this week’s mantras for meditation. Are you ready to dedicate part of your day to these powerful mantras?

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December 30 (Healing): “I connect with the healing powers of positive thoughts.”

The mind is a fantastic healer. When your friends come to you seeking advice, your words of wisdom help them to heal and feel whole. You connect to the flow of Universal energy that brings about the healing of a wounded heart or hurt ego/vanity. When you join that power, you are also using it to help boost your energetic body and your spirit. It certainly isn’t something you can control but you can be more mindful of the connection you are making with the hearts that seek out your words and the Divine.

December 31 (Health): “Each action that I take brings a healthy outlook to the world.”

The health of our world is something that you can contribute to. Each time you buy something, use something or discard something, ask yourself, “Where did this come from and where will it go now?” When you are conscious of everything you do, and you do what is for the best for your corner of the world, it spreads out to others too. And then you’ll see how to bring about healthy change to everyone everywhere in the world.

January 1 (Trust): “I trust that I’m walking the path meant for me.”

Your mantras for meditation say you were born trusting. Now you can get that trust back. When you live your life according to your word, others believe in you. When others trust you, they certainly work harder to make sure that they are living up to your standards. Others admire you and do what they can to match you too. When others share your values, life becomes easier to go through, and you surround yourself with people who match your morals.

January 2 (Confidence): “Through the kindness of my heart and the integrity of my words, confidence shows.”

Confidence is something that goes hand-in-hand with both kindness and integrity. It gives others a reason to notice you, but it doesn’t cause you to be in the spotlight. When you appear assured of your choices, the Universe will be sure that others see you too. So rest assured that you will be seen by the right people when you hold your head up and move forward with authority.

January 3 (Creativity): “My creativity is Divinely guided.”

Creativity is something that’s inspirational but it’s also sacred to the universal flow of energy. By allowing yourself to see a problem or a situation from a new angle, you are connecting to an innovative breath of energy. It’s one that will grant you the right to show your mastery of your life. You are then telling the Universe that you are ready to handle and channel something that is Divinely driven.

January 4 (Strength): “Unbroken? Yes. Unbending or unyielding? No.”

Your mantras for meditation say you can agree with this statement. You are strong; you work to remain unbroken no matter what the world hands you. Strength, unmistakable strength, is the ability to take a harrowing burden and make it look light to others. When you can show the world and the Universe your undeniable courage and your ability to carry any load, then you are showing your authentic spiritual being. You will also find that the Universe and the Divine give you a break from strife. The reward is being able to be true to yourself.

January 5 (Victory): “I hear the peel of victory bells ringing out for me.”

Yes, you have won a victory. The size of the accomplishment doesn’t matter; you won. Wear the bay laurel wreath upon your brow and hold your head up high. Know that the Divine is celebrating with you too and you are held high by the Universe. See yourself upon the shoulders of your angels as they cheer for you. When you mark your victories, you are signaling to the Universe that you are ready to take a breath and then ask, “Where is the path I am to follow next?” It will appear, and you will be lead to another victory.

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