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2018 is a pivotal year for setting intentions in your life. Everything intense and personal is magnified during the coming year, so examine your deepest desires and clarify your intentions to carry real power. Notice what really moves you when creating your list.

Whether your aims seem small and close-to-home or include stepping up to a greater role in life, speaking your truth brings great rewards. No matter how small an objective seems, it could mean something great for yourself and others.

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Each sun sign has the potential to make their dreams come true when setting intentions for 2018. Here are some clues that will help make your greatest hopes and dreams a reality.


You’re on the brink of the next big push in your career, and you’re great at charging forward. While fired up, state your intentions to others and notice how they hear them. Others love your energy and they’ll also demand that it’s well-directed toward your stated goals. Your life will also offer the opportunity for big financial decisions so put your money where your values are.


Listen to your inner voice during the first half of the year. You feel a new, earthy inspiration during this time that will direct you when setting intentions. Rest in the garden with pets or by the beach to discover joy and great ideas. The latter part of the year is fast-paced (occasionally nerve-wracking) but you’ll be so energized that you can move quickly toward more of those new intentions.


You’re feeling a major shift in your life. Issues of birth, death, and your sexuality will seize your attention. Therefore, apply the scariest of these to creative efforts to help you when setting intentions. If you’re honest with yourself you’ll discover the richness of a commanding voice in your life, art, and language that you never thought possible.


Keep your sense of humor and loving warmth when setting intentions. Find a cozy environment and let your ideas flow creatively. Notice what brings you joy, impress that on your psyche, and share it with others you trust. This will help you define clearer goals that you can make happen. Remember to be romantic about it so that it’s fun.


You’re great at the big picture, but when setting intentions you should have subtopics for everyday work. This will make those intentions become solid accomplishments. You can even act them out in your head, then repeat. If you stick to this approach you’ll be surprised by the brilliant changes in your career and personal life that appear to come about naturally.


Now’s the time to sit down and make note of your intentions for 2018. You’ll discover that you have great focus and clarity when you do. Save them in your phone and post them over your desk. You’ll certainly enjoy an effective creative push every time you review them, along with your results along the way.


When setting intentions, focus at least some of them on your home and family. These areas will demand your attention and efforts this year. The great news is, this will bring excellent financial rewards to you. Be certain your list includes investing in others too. You’ll have a surprising return on that later in the year.


When you record your intentions for the year, make them as grand as you’ve ever dreamt. You can have a windfall of great experiences and acquisitions this year if you speak them clearly to yourself and others. If they seem too big, make them bigger! This is a major opportunity for all Scorpios.


Review your progress over the last few years, and then cast your intentions into a fire to feel their power. (You’ll want to save a copy for future review.) Once you see how amazing you’ve been, you’ll share your intentions with the Universe to feed your future goals. You’ll certainly be fueled by that energy.


Carve your intentions into a format that means something to you: internet communications with valued people, a contract that lays a foundation for your future or even something physical that you’ve made with wood, food products, metal or stone. This will make them powerful and lasting.


Your intentions should include career goals and expanding your public persona. Look to your deepest hopes and fears when you record them. Then choose to face them as nothing that’s set in stone. Edit them as you go and share them, realizing that fears don’t reflect reality and that hope can lead you to the future.


Your intentions list is like Divine guidance, so let your intuition direct you and go from there. Decorate the list with what you consider beautiful and valuable (music or video also work), like your intentions. No dream is too big, especially if you engage your friends.

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