Mantras for Meditation: March 17 – 23

Mantras for Meditation: March 17 - 23

The Power of Mantras

This week, your mantras for meditation cover nature, spirituality, healing, physical activity, and more. Are you ready to use these powerful mantras this week?

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March 17 (Parenting): “I will take time to listen to my child talk about their day.”

You may be playing the role of a parent—to a child, a client, a partner or a neighbor. Today, you’re being asked to spend extra time showing them unconditional love. Honor and embrace this role you’re playing and don’t underestimate the importance of even the smallest gesture either.

March 18 (Healing): “I allow the Divine to heal my worries.”

It’s time for you to turn your worries over to the Divine. You must control all areas of your life, and you can start by erasing negative self-talk. Work to raise your spiritual vibration by asking your guardian angels, the higher powers or the Divine to help you with any issues that weigh heavy on your mind. When you ask for help, keep your eyes open for the smallest positive change. It will be the life-affirming change for which you have been waiting.

March 19 (Physical Activity): “I will stay active and enjoy the way I move.”

By staying active, you increase your connection with the Divine and start to enjoy the energies you work with daily. When you move your body, you see an increase in the amount of energy you have to put towards manifesting the life you want. Even if the only place you have to walk right now is inside a shopping center, go for a walk. However, if the weather permits it, take a step outside. Find a fun activity you enjoy doing. It can be anything as long as it raises the vibrational energy of your spiritual self.

March 20 (Health): “The health of my financial and spiritual life is dependent on my choices.”

It’s essential to put your health and happiness first. I’m talking about your spiritual and financial health right now. Look at the choices you have made over the past six months. What benefits did they bring you? Now, look at the next six months. Make sure the choices you make in this time period will also be for your highest good. Today is the first day you’ll be planting the seeds of your financial and spiritual growth for the next year.

March 21 (Nature): “I accept the nature of each person in my life.”

With yesterday being the Spring Equinox, today would be the perfect day for you to examine the nature of each person that is part of your life. If you meet them where they are, spiritually, you’ll find that your relationship grows into something more pleasant and healthier. When you are authentic, it’s easier for you to accept other people’s versions of their authentic selves.

March 22 (Spirituality): “I will create a spiritual practice that allows me to feel the Divine.”

Today is the perfect day to start creating a more spiritually aware self. From today until April 15, Mercury is retrograde, so look within and examine your spiritual side. The next 24 days are also a time for you to work on self-communication by paying attention to the words you choose to communicate with yourself. Using this time to do a little introspection can also lead you into a more focused path when retrograde ends.

March 23 (Spiritual Life): “I want to learn about living a more meaningful and conscious mind, body, and spiritual lifestyle.”

Yesterday was the day Mercury went retrograde, and you were asked to create a more spiritual practice to allow you to feel the Divine within yourself. Today you are asked to explore what that lifestyle would be like for you too. So, get out your vision boards or dream boards and allow your creativity to explode. Then listen with your full attention to any messages that come through from your higher self.

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