Jupiter, the Planet of Luck in Your Sun Sign

Jupiter, The Planet of Luck in Your Birth Chart

The Universe’s Pot of Gold

When we think of luck, we often think of ladybugs, lucky pennies, and even Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion. Other things that denote luck might be a four-leaf clover or a pot of gold found at the end of a rainbow. Today is St. Patrick’s Day after all. In fact, St. Patrick is often portrayed holding a clover (although it was of the three-leaf variety), further connecting the theme of luck with March 17. This St. Patrick’s Day, there is a New Moon in Pisces, a sign that can be quite mystical and magical itself.

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On March 8, Jupiter will turn retrograde in its current home of Scorpio. It returns to direct motion after July 10 in the same sign. There it will remain until October 10. Does this mean that Jupiter won’t continue to be lucky or provide us with abundance? Not really. Always the giver, over the next four month Jupiter retrograde will help us turn our thoughts inward. Think of the retrograde period, which occurs approximately every 13 months, as a necessary time to figure out how we can move forward in whatever area is most important to us. We can empower ourselves and enhance our positions in life. It’s an expansive energy.

Jupiter retrograde can be a personal inward journey of the mind, body, and spirit. When it moves forward again, you’ll have learned how it can enhance your life in ways that last long beyond its current transit. Growth and change are the hallmarks of Jupiter in Scorpio.

We can see where Jupiter lies in relation to your Sun sign. This will give you a clue as to where the planet may be focusing its energy for you:


Jupiter in your eighth house is all about personal change and transformation in a larger-than-life fashion. Known as the house of “death, sex, and taxes,” Jupiter is likely to change your attitude about finances and how you invest your money. You could discover a new way of living due to an inheritance, a retirement, an investment or a similarly impactful change.


Being ruled by Venus, having Jupiter in your seventh house of partnerships and committed relationships will help you focus on what matters most to you. Whether personal or business, being surrounded by relationships that match your style, vision, and level of understanding will be of the utmost importance as you grow these connections.


Jupiter in your sixth house will involve your daily life. This includes work and/or your well-being. With your electric-type energy, Jupiter may cause you to do things to excess. You may be overly ambitious with regard to work. Or, you may drink or eat too much. As Jupiter retrogrades, envision what direction will sustain you in the long-term and give yourself proper boundaries.


Jupiter in your fifth house seeks to expand your creative and social sides. This transit can make you extremely optimistic and leave you feeling enthusiastic about life’s possibilities. However, the chance to overdo or leap forward without heeding the warning signs can cause you to take risks. Luckily, at least when it comes to romance, you’ve got Saturn in your seventh house to keep you grounded.


With Jupiter in the fourth house, the focus will be on home and family. Some of you will use this energy, as an example, to add an extension to your home whether it’s to increase its value or accommodate an expanding family. Jupiter’s retrograde, luckily, will help you review the options before jumping in too fast without exploring alternate opportunities.


The third house is ruled by Gemini, and both you and Gemini share Mercury as your ruling planet. Jupiter in the third house is all about how you communicate your thoughts and ideas with the world around you. There’s a chance here to be too enthusiastic, thinking your way is the only way. So, instead of imposing your thoughts as law, be sure to allow input from others.


With Jupiter in the second house, there’s an increased importance placed on making money and expanding your portfolio. However, that Jupiter-luck connection may extend to taking part in games of chance—the lottery, stock investments—all in the name of having more. The need to be extravagant, sometimes in relationships, may be strong. Librans need to be extra vigilant in this area.


Jupiter in your first house of self can manifest itself in many ways—one being expansion in your physical being due to over-indulgence. You may also feel ultra-confident in your ability to beat the odds, such as in gambling. On the upside, Jupiter will give you a view of the future, giving you an optimistic view that’s almost infectious.


Because Jupiter used to rule the sign of Pisces (until Neptune stepped on the scene), this connection is important. The twelfth house connection brings out the creative side of working life. The need to work in silence or seclusion in order to concentrate and develop may increase here—something that may feel foreign to Sagittarius.


With Jupiter in your friendship zone, you’re enthusiastic about your relationships. This could result in purposefully spending more time with loved ones, taking trips, making memories, and sharing your views and experiences in the world. In addition, you may even become a champion of your friends’ dreams and desires, being especially hands-on if the endeavor is related to a humanitarian cause.


You’re feeling inspired and your aspirations are off the charts with Jupiter in your tenth house. “Ain’t no mountain high enough” to keep you from attaining your career goals! You are ready to take opportunities as they come and give them your all. Use the retrograde period to focus on a specific direction and go for it.


Enjoy Jupiter in your eleventh house as it gives you an expansive outlook on the world in general. You’ll be open to anything that elevates your interests and excitement, and the desire to travel to foreign lands or understand foreign cultures is great. Learning new things, in general, will peak your interests.

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