The 5 Signs That Commitment is a Possibility

The 5 Signs That Commitment is a Possibility

Will They Commit to You?

Commitment is a word used to describe a mature relationship where the two people in it are ready to be exclusive and faithful to each other. It’s often something that just happens—without candlelight, tears of joy, and a violinist playing a romantic song in the background. Commitment doesn’t always come with grand, over-the-top gestures because a committed partner doesn’t need to utilize those gestures to prove their love for you is real.

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If you’re looking for a commitment with your current or future partner, but don’t know what commitment looks like, exactly, I can help! Here are five commitment signs to consider:

1. You Communicate Regularly
A partner who isn’t afraid of commitment will enjoy communicating with you regularly. That’s because you’re frequently on their mind—no matter how busy life gets. You can expect frequent texts or calls from them. They’ll ask you about your day and tell you about theirs. They’ll check in with you often to see how you’re feeling. Committed people are certainly just as busy as single people or people in casual relationships. However, they always have time for their partners.

2. You Use Words Like “Relationship,” “Couple,” and “Future”
The R-word is almost never used by a commitment-phobic person and will rarely come up with those just looking for the occasional hookup. That’s because these words open the door to feelings and discussions of future plans, which is exactly what they don’t want. However, someone looking for a commitment with you will not be afraid of these words and they’ll be happy to plan a future with you.

3. You Have Fun Doing Nothing
Dates are fun. You go out to dinner and dancing or perhaps see a movie or play. But committed couples have fun doing nothing because they just enjoy being with each other. Everything from running errands to meal prepping can certainly be a good time if the right people are spending time together.

4. You Make Long-Term Plans
Yes, committed couples have fun doing nothing together, however, they also make plans and celebrate important milestones in their life together. Whether it’s buying tickets to a concert that’s six months away or an anniversary dinner, committed couples feel comfortable making long-term plans because they know they’ll be together in the future.

5. You Show Up for the Important Things
Birthdays, raises, funerals, family outings, and the world’s worst day. These are experiences you won’t share with just anyone. When you’re in a committed relationship, you and your partner show up for each other. That’s because you share a deep, honest connection so you feel comfortable being vulnerable in front of each other. From the happiest life events to the saddest ones, it feels great to know someone’s always going to be by your side.

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  1. Renee Phipps

    I’m exhausted trying to hold on to a partner that I feel is having on going sex with other people and keeping me in his life for selfish reasons

  2. Ann Adams

    Im in love with 2 guys. Them both are away i dont no which one i want to come home please help me to pick names or micheal Robert or ERENEST DAMPARE PLEASE TELL ME THE ONE

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      Our psychics don’t give readings in the comments section of our blog posts due to privacy issues. If you’d like a reading, please visit Thanks!

  3. Debra L Marrero

    My guy got ONE out of FIVE… the very last one. He came on my birthday to be with me. He is an unavailable guy whom I have been involved with for three years. Reading “If we are together why do I feel so alone” It resonates with me so much!


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