Mantras for Meditation: January 20 – 26

Mantras for Meditation: January 20 - 26

The Power of Mantras

Psychic Denisha covers power, prayer and meditation, clearing emotions, and more in this week’s mantras for meditation. Are you ready to dedicate part of your day to these powerful mantras?

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January 20 (Clearing Emotions): “I release all negative emotions that anchor me at this moment.”

You need to be able to move forward emotionally, and that means letting go of past hurts, according to your mantras for meditation. By allowing yourself to be open to a more worthier love, you fill your life with blessings of peace and happiness too. Therefore, let go of what doesn’t come from a tranquil place in your heart. If you do, you’ll certainly find your station changing in a caring and loving way.

January 21 (Prayer and Meditation): “Through prayer and meditation I am connected to my highest good.”

When you spend time in prayer being grateful for what you have now, you find it easier to manifest what you need. Meditation is another way to open your mind’s eye to solutions that will help you fix any issue with which you struggle. Connecting to your highest good through both of these approaches allows the angels and the Universe to speak to you with luminous communications.

January 22 (Raise Your Standards): “I deserve the good that comes into my life.”

Yes, you do deserve everything good that the world has to offer. You aren’t going to be hurting anyone by asking the angels and the Divine for something better to come your way. The Universe wants to see you happy and smiling about what you have in your life. Therefore, when something good happens, don’t hide it away. Share it with those who are close to you and have your back. When you give to others, without worry or fear, the Universe helps you receive even more.

January 23 (Power): “I am puissant in my rights.”

You were made to be mighty, according to your mantras for meditation. You are meant to shine with love, and that is a powerful light. When you allow your masculine and feminine sides to balance in all your dealings with the world, you are both powerful and loving. Think of someone from history who made a mark in the world fighting for what is right and just. They were allowing their male and female energies to work in harmony, and they did it from a place of love. They were unlimited in their words, actions, and thoughts.

January 24 (Focus on the Now): “I will remain grounded and focus on each moment of today.”

Focus your energy and your thoughts on what you are going through right now. You’ll find that the solution to the issue is right there in front of you. And by taking care of it instead of thinking about when it will end, you will be able to progress forward to a more positive path. Therefore, focus on each minute of today and let the future take care of itself.

January 25 (Positive Visualization): “I let go of worries and visualize a positive outcome.”

Your mantras for meditation encourage you to let go and let your guardian angel take care of the outcome. When you surrender the conclusion to the Divine, you receive better than you imagined. Let the Universe control it. The Divine certainly has your best interest in mind.

January 26 (Relax): “I will give myself a rewarding time out.”

Everyone needs a bit of time to themselves and you need that time right now. After work, or after everyone else has been taken care for the evening, find a quiet place and let your mind wander. Daydream or just go blank for a bit. It will allow you to recharge your batteries and reinvigorate yourself for tomorrow.

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