Psychic Q&A: His Psychic Abilities

Psychic Q&A: His Psychic Abilities

Are His Psychic Abilities Unique?

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Dear Cameron,

I think I have psychic abilities. In the first half of March of last year I went to wash my hands in the bathroom sink and for whatever reason, I had to close my eyes for a second. In that time, I saw the word April across my eyes and then the number 10 appeared to the left of the word. It came very much out of nowhere. I interpreted it as a very clear clairvoyant message that something significant was going to happen in my life on the 10th of April. This kind of thing doesn’t usually happen to me so I thought it would be something very significant, and very positive for me. Naturally, as the days went on my anticipation grew.

On April 10 of 2017, I heard that my cousin had a baby. He became a father after the baby came a couple weeks early. I just know that this was the event associated with the date I foresaw. I’m not close to this cousin. He lives out of state and I haven’t seen or talked to him in many years.

Every now and then something happens to reiterate to me that my psychic abilities are real, but it’s very frustrating. I am unclear about so much in my life and I feel kind of let down. Why do things like this happen? How can I tip the scales so that I receive more information about my own future?


Psychic Cameron ext. 5412 responds:


Thank you for asking me about one of my favorite topics—developing psychic abilities! Many times when giving a reading to one of my clients on the line, they say, “You know, I’ve always felt I had psychic abilities, but I just don’t know what to do about them. Can you offer any advice?” I always begin my answer with the fact that each and every one of us has some relationship to intuitive guidance. What that means is that whether you are “born psychic” or not, most of us get intuitive hits throughout our lives.

Have you ever said to yourself, “I know I’m going to hear from my cousin today,” and then later the phone rings and it’s her? Or maybe you’re meeting your friend’s new boyfriend, and for reasons, you can’t describe you don’t trust him. When there’s a new hire at work, do you say to yourself, “I don’t know why, but I really like her”? Or, have you ever felt inclined to take a different route home but you just can’t explain why? Then later you find out there was an accident. If you hadn’t listened to your intuition you could have been stuck in that traffic or worse, been a part of the accident! These experiences are all examples of psychic abilities.

We often call these “hunches” but often this is our intuition speaking to us in the form of psychic information. For whatever reason, some of us have greater abilities in this area. While there are some people who seem to be born psychics, the rest of us may have to practice at it to improve. But not unlike learning to play the piano, you don’t have to be Mozart to hone your skills and play music people enjoy. The most important thing to remember in developing your psychic abilities, like all abilities, is to trust yourself.

I’ve consulted my cards about your situation and what I’m seeing is that you are very open to psychic guidance, and that Spirit is Speaking to you very powerfully right now. I enjoyed reading your story and congratulations to your cousin! It may seem a little strange to you, the way you received the information you shared, but psychic abilities come in many different expressions. Some people have visions and some people hear guidance as if a small voice was speaking. Others use tools like the tarot to trigger their intuitive perceptions. There is no “right” way, as long as the information is clear and helpful to you and others.

The first step in this process for you, Lenny, is to surrender. In other words, put aside your fear and say, “I am open to my psychic gifts. I’d like to know more. Please guide me.” Fear blocks guidance. My guides show me that if you are willing to treat this time in your life as an adventure, where it leads you will be really exciting. You may have some fear—as the Tower card indicates—that if you open up fully you will get bad news or be overwhelmed, but I feel that you can handle the information you’ll receive. In your case, knowing that you will be protected through the process is essential. During this initial phase, it might be a good idea to not share your goals with everyone. Instead, find a safe network or group where you can practice your insights and develop your abilities.

You have many gifts and you just need structure to bring them forth. Ask yourself honestly why you want to be more psychic. Is this for your own personal experience or is it part of a greater vision? I see that you’ll have two more important visions by the end of the summer/early fall. A friend comes into your life who will be a partner in your psychic quest. Mostly, remember to have patience, and be open to making mistakes and always be listening. My sense is that you are going to experience amazing results!

Thank you for your question, Lenny!


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  1. Peggy

    Ty but it’s hard to tell me cu I went to a psychics @ he Saud I was going across the water I wanted to get away always here I’m still here he told me tat 23yrs ago and told me I
    Will never have another
    Child I never got of this
    Rock but yes I had a boy he be 21 may but I never got my trip but I baby more…..i have too sons now both born in May and a grandson 14yrs I’m 56yrs old I wonder
    Will I get tat trip now I always wanted one ..i have no money no credit …ty for listing to me God bless u and who ye help we ty


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