Manifesting Intentions and Understanding Expectations

Manifesting Intentions and Understanding Expectations

The Roadblock to Manifesting Intentions

It seems many of my clients are disappointed by their manifestations. That’s because they are not becoming a reality in the timing or way they desire. It makes them feel like they aren’t living up to their potential. They feel like they’ve done everything they can and still, manifesting intentions didn’t work for them. But the truth is, this is a common occurrence, and I’ll explain why it happens a little later.

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You have options. Remember, you are the internal voice of reason and want, and you can make things happen—if you don’t let limiting beliefs and behaviors hold your back from living the life you want. You’d be surprised how many times limiting beliefs get in the way of manifesting intentions.

These areas in our lives have to be consciously worked on:

1. We need to rewire our brains to think in ways that support our will and desires.
2. We need to understand what we really want and need, and in order to do that we need to be true to ourselves and identify the hidden expectations.
3. We need to understand why personal and professional setbacks happen, so we can rewire, correct or initiate a new way of reaching our goals.

The Voice of Self-Sabotage?

Do you have the internal voice of self-sabotage? Or do you have an internal voice of support? You need to understand which voice is feeding you and you can do that by listening to yourself. Is the internal voice creating hope within or does it create limiting beliefs which lead to debilitating emotions like anxiety, worry, regret, disappointment and feelings of failure? If your internal voice is one of self-sabotage, manifesting desires becomes difficult.

Practical Steps and Tools

You may be so focused on your disappointments and unmet expectations, that you can’t see your life as the blessing it truly is. You need to be able to pursue your goals without feeling disappointed or frustrated if you want to free yourself from that failed feeling. You need clear, practical steps that will help you transform your disappointment on emotional, mental, physical and spiritual levels. You need the necessary tools to see your life with clarity. These tools will help you grow by rising above disappointment and you will finally heal those inner scars and bruises. A psychic, like me, can give you those steps and tools.

Take Your Power Back

In order to get what you want—manifesting intentions—you need to take your power back. You need to control the emotions and feelings that create the roadblocks to your happiness. Eliminate them. Then start being thankful for what you already have so you can manifest more. Don’t waste another day distracted by disappointment because manifesting intentions isn’t working for you. This is your journey and you have the power to control it.

I’d be happy to work with you on manifesting intentions. Let’s destroy the emotional roadblocks together!

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6 thoughts on “Manifesting Intentions and Understanding Expectations

  1. julie sykes

    everyone has beliefs but troubles are to make thing go right obstacles are we have to make a belief to be good to people who helpus and us there know how to carry on

  2. chuck

    All I can say is wow! My girlfriend and I were just talking about this in much detail just last night. For the past two weeks it has been extremely rocky between us, my girlfriend said I hate myself and I take it out on her, she also said I have to learn to control my negative emotions because they have consumed my every thought. She said I need a vacation from them. I have to do something because I almost lost her, she just can’t handle any of this anymore. I won’t get into what my negative emotions are at this time but they have consume me Wish I could afford this service but unfortunately I can’t


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