Your 2015 Astrological Outlook

Your 2015 Astrological Outlook

What Does 2015 Have in Store for You?

2015 is the culmination of a 10-year period of intense personal and worldwide change that hasn’t been seen in 50 years, and you’re an important part of it! This year’s focus is on relationships, and the place to start is how you relate to yourself. Self-love allows a loving generosity to others that is irresistible.

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The other main issue of 2015 is bringing your dream view of yourself, love, career and home life into alignment with what’s so in your life. “Getting real” allows the freedom to love yourself and others just the way you and they are. Old fears of what others might discover about you become laughable “so what’s?”… and suddenly your ideals are attainable.


You’ve had exciting surprises in your career and romantic life for the past few years and this continues through summer 2015. This summer will be creative and passionate, so don’t let old fears or worn-out dreams get in the way of real opportunities.


During March, you’ll enjoy soul mate connections and a partner with more freedom. During July through September relax and enjoy the romance, passion and fun. When October arrives, you’ll be getting your footing for new creative and love commitments.

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Use the periods of late January/early February and late May/early June to get serious with yourself about what you want in life. When you feel confused, use creativity to sort out your thoughts and feeling and the results will touch others. Enjoy your resulting breakthroughs this fall.


Your intuitive nature gets you through 2015’s personal and financial challenges. Over time you’ve come to recognize this inner intelligence that is a gift to you. Finding a partner in love or work who appreciates these qualities is bliss. Turn your creativity loose on your insights in the fall.

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Travel and educational experiences suddenly appear during the first half of 2015, so be prepared to balance them with home responsibilities. This summer is all about passion, and some of it is irresistible. Use these experiences for self-examination. This opens new creativity with financial benefits.


You’ve been discovering some amazing depths to your creativity and passions and you’ve been learning to love this less-defined way of being and loving. Summer 2015 is for reevaluating exactly what you treasure. By October, you’ll begin a year of expressing parts of yourself never thought possible, and you’ll love it.


You have been growing so much lately that you surprise yourself. It hasn’t been easy, but you’re learning to be more self-assertive. This summer will be full of passions when a friend may become a lover. Enjoy the intensity and the romance, but think about what brings you fulfillment. You deserve everything you’ve always given lovers.

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You’re completing the foundation of everything you’ve wanted for your future this year. You’ve discovered that your potent, honest communication can be really enticing. You’re expressing the core of yourself and those around you, freeing them in exciting ways. Use the summer to show how sexy everyone’s spiritual/personal depths truly are.


You’re beginning to be honest with yourself about what you have to offer the world. Use the summer to examine your deepest passion for knowledge and truth, and have fun doing it. By autumn 2015 it will be time to use those passions to create something real for the world that’s fulfilling in your own life.


You’ve been networking with a passion to spread the word about what’s needed to make things work in your partnership, your business and the world. In 2015 you begin to see real progress to the point that you may be ready to share what you’ve learned. Teaching opportunities arise at home and abroad.


Your friends have been crucial to your plans for the future and partners will continue to help you through the first half of next year. The summer will be full of intensity in your love life, creative efforts or both. The last half of 2015 will be the right time to build that happy little home in cyberspace you plan to have support you toward your future goals.


2015 is the year for you to take your first strides toward making your dreams a genuine, solid reality. Powerful friends have been helpful for several years with the many changes in your financial situation. After a romantic, intense summer, lovers will be generous and optimistic. Just be prepared in the fall to show employers and partners how the magic you bring them can be solid and real.

Great periods of change are always challenging, but opportunities are born of disruptions in anyone’s life. After you’re beyond these events, you’re left wondering what you were so afraid of and why you were clinging so intently to outworn things. 2015 is a year full of passion, love and new ideas. Yet, you’ll find your biggest gift from the future is a newly freed, happier, more successful you.

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  1. Andualem Chere

    I read what you are predicting and the past 10 years were my difficult years of my life.I am expecting better years in the coming decade.Is it true?

  2. rainelle

    I just love to hear the good news about my horoscope. And sometimes what I hear is so true to my well=being in life. However, I must keep my faith in God and my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ who knows my life from the beginning of time. Faith can take us a long way in life. Keep the Faith, and don’t give up.

  3. Sulaf Shakir Al-Joudi

    I am woman living alone in Syria away from my children, am I going to leave???should I sell the flat that I have here or not??Please guide me…
    Date of birth is 25th
    Nov. 1949 in Kut- AL-Imara..Iraq

  4. Cecilia Black

    Hello my Love,
    It is the me for you to break away from you life as it is. You corned the phrase “May you get the best of it”. Well! you are trapped by your life as is. I’m waiting for you . I want you and I need you. I love you. let me hear from you soon . I’ll be waiting for your call.


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