Manifestation Collaging: A How-To

Here is an exercise to see into your future – the future that you want for yourself – even if you don’t know it yet!

First, visit a newsstand where they sell a variety of magazines. Grab issues from all interest areas – architecture, clothing, travel, sports, pets, just as long as you have a selection of very different publications. Do not open the magazines or look at them for any length of time prior to sitting down to complete your board.

Next, buy a plain poster board and a glue-stick. Pick a time when you are the only person in your living space. It’s paramount that no one else’s energy influences you. You must be completely alone. For this reason, it is suggested that you do not play any music with lyrics. Music without singing is all right, but if you can do it in silence, that is preferred.

Once you are alone and have your magazines, poster board, and scissors you are ready.

One by one, flip through each magazine. Do not read any of the articles. Flipping through them from the back to the front can help achieve this. As you flip through, any image that catches your eye or causes a reaction in you, tear it out. Anything – it is very important that you do not sensor yourself!

Pile up the images and keep ripping!

Once you have your blank board and your – hopefully – many ripped out pages, you will need your scissors. It is important that you rip first and cut second. The ripping energy is in tune with open possibilities, the scissors is your focus.

For each ripped page, cut the heart of the image out. The heart is the center, most prominent part of the image that you are drawn to. So, if you ripped out a picture of a couch with a dog on it – perhaps it’s the dog that is the real heart of the image for you. Words and phrases are important as well. Messages of encouragement or headlines of achievements are all encouraged. Continue with this through the images. Soon, themes and color groups will appear.

Now that you have the hearts identified, group these images. Build piles relating to home, self, family and career so that you have four piles. Take your poster board out and arrange the piles out into each of the four corners. Move images around and swap some in and out for while. When you feel a deep relaxation, you have arranged the images correctly. As soon as you feel that release, start gluing.

When you are done, prop the board against a wall and look at it. It’s your heart life. It’s all right there on the board. It is truly what you desire.

You have allowed your soul to whisper to you what it wants and you have given these whispers form, color and shape. This is a poem by you and for you only. Look at it often, remember that your heart’s desire is a real, breathing thing and has shown itself to you through the board. These images are from the future – your future. They will manifest in your life. You will recognize them as yours because it was already within you. This is what the universe wants for you.

If possible, keep the board to yourself. It is a special conversation between you and the universe. It is your manifestation song. And with vision comes fruition of our dreams. See it, believe it, and allow it to come to you. And when it does, look back at your board, it was there all along.

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