Make Up Your Mind Already!

Steps to a Happier, More Decisive You

Doubtless the worst thing you can do is sit on the fence regarding an important issue. While you need proper time to reflect on your options, giving yourself too much time often stems from fear, and perhaps a lack of courage. When you’ve got a weighty decision on your mind, it sullies your otherwise positive, day-to-day experiences and undermines your self-confidence. Better to follow these steps for a happier, more decisive you.

Beware of Blindly Following Your Gut

While many gut instincts enhance our survival and should be heeded, it’s important to keep in mind that these instincts are founded on personal experiences, which can easily be biased. No matter how hard you try to be absolutely objective about a situation, there is always the risk that your perspective based on personal experience is tainting your perception of the situation. Instead, try opening your mind, acknowledging any gut reactions, and then sift through any perceived prejudices you may have adopted about yourself or the situation. Not sure which way to go? Talk with Psychic Marilyn ext. 5364 and she can show you the road ahead.

Define Your Values

Whatever the issue, defining your values may illuminate the right path to take. Recognize and rate (write it down if you have to) what’s most important to you in life, what you may be willing to compromise and that which you cannot. Some of the values to consider here relate to heath, equality, justice and morality. This will guide you in justifying your decision and make you aware of the filter system you are using in decision making. Identify which values of yours align with the decision in question.

Pros and Cons

Weighing the pros and cons of your decision will help you see the bigger picture. Weigh each point in terms of significance, and don’t get caught up on the number of points on either side but rather its importance or the sacrifice it requires.

Research, Research, Research

You cannot make a clear and informed decision without being knowledgeable. Never base an important decision entirely on what you know, what you’ve heard, or what you’ve read from one or two sources. The more information you have, the better prepared you are to make a wise decision.

Look for Alternatives

Since things are rarely black and white in this world, sometimes you lose sight of alternate avenues by focusing too closely on just one or two, so challenge yourself to think outside the box. Perhaps there is a third, fourth, or fifth option you haven’t considered which could open a door to something infinitely better. People tend to become habituated to a certain way of thinking. Break out of that mold, and you can vastly expand your world. Analyze what will be required of you with these alternatives by keeping in mind your values, goals and resources.

Bite the Bullet

At some point, you just have to jump. Have faith in the knowledge that you have done the work to get to the viewpoint you have on the situation. So make the decision, and let it go. Every decision you make is ultimately a learning experience, and all you can do is make that decision based on whatever tools you have at the moment. The rest will take care of itself! Still not ready to make that leap of faith? Talk with Psychic Braxton ext. 5699 to see what else could be blocking you.

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