Your New Moon Forecast for September 2012

Time to Get Grounded

This month’s New Moon in Virgo on the 15th encourages us all to get back to basics. With a focus on health and well-being, it suggests now is the time to give yourself a little TLC. The aim? Being present. Here are some tips for harnessing the energies of this brand new life cycle!

Simple Pleasures

Summer brings out the thirst for adventure, but as it winds to a close, the Virgo New Moon urges you to turn your focus back to the day to day. Specifically, to the little things that feed your mind, body and soul. It may sound airy-fairy, but the reality is quite the opposite. Virgo’s earthy practicality will give you the grounding you need to set new regimens in motion; especially those that tend to your highest good from the inside out.

Harvest Yourself

If you think taking care of yourself equals rest and relaxation, think again! Lazing around for too long won’t refresh you; it’ll zap your energy. Instead, grounded activities that encourage your expansion are highlighted in this lunar climate. It is, after all, the time of the harvest. Why not harvest your soul? Harvest your soul with tips from Psychic Summer ext. 9898!

Exercise, spiritual practice, good food and deep conversation are the orders of the day during this time. Another way of putting it? Seek out earthly pleasures that plant roots for you to grow.

Out With the Old 

The Autumnal Equinox means transformation is already in the air. What you might not realize is that the Virgo New Moon provides just the attention to details you need to make impactful change—by clearing out old patterns that no longer serve you. If you need help removing the clutter in your life, call Psychic Charlie ext. 5277!

Change is a frustrating process, but there’s an air of profound renewal that comes with this New Moon. Seize it!

Listen to Your Gut

Above all else, the Virgo New Moon offers a chance to slow down and listen—to the earth and to yourself. Channel the energies around you and within you to increase your strength. With that, you’re capable of anything!

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23 thoughts on “Your New Moon Forecast for September 2012

  1. Orchid

    For Rachel

    I too, dated a man from a far distance of Paramus New Jersey, and I am living in Southern California.
    I truly thought he was my soul mate, then he chose not to move, due to work, family and friends—-just like yours! I can’t move because of my son so grounded here with school and my job.

    The sad thing is I am attractive, have many opportunities to go out with others, but my heart left in Jersey and he does not care…..Perhaps with this new moon it’s time to make a change for both of us.

  2. Lynn

    To Mary: Your feed back. Asking…It works alot and everytime for me. Question: I find failure when I ask for something very very important to me at this time. No not money but something I lost two years ago and I want to replace….Home, house, my belongings back with me. I feel blocked, denied, or I am not accepting the answers I am given?

  3. Sonny

    Good Morning ,

    I celebrated my birthday on the 9 th of September! Wow, Incredible day with my family and friends . I am thankful for all of my blessings!!!!
    Today and everyday!!!

  4. Mary

    I too am wiccan…and what she says is true…all we must do is ask…as long as we give we will receive…many blessings to you all..Blessed Be <3

  5. Owl

    Rachel…If there is divine energy…between you and your matesoul, it would force you to be together, somehow, somewhere..when the time comes.
    I met mine. We met only twice, ONLY for coffee talk…and after that for one year …hundreds of minutes of phone talking and 17000 text messages…we are still separated by the country boarders and our own family situations…we still have not seen each other, and nobody knows what i am coming through,
    but i am happy to know that I could loose my head that badly for someone who lost his heart for me!!! 🙂
    Choose LOVE, always!

  6. Lauriel

    Just want to encourage you all. I sense a lot of pain and frustration in some of the posts. Today is my birthday, and from it, I give you what I have to offer. I am earthy and have many blessings in my life, and I spend a lot of time thinking about them and thanking God for them. Maybe that’s all the new moon in September is asking us to do. If that’s all you had to do to come to a place in yourself from which you could work from every single morning to make yourself and your life better, would you do it? Do this one thing: take time to really focus on and count your blessings. Sending love.

  7. meg miller

    Hello out there, yes, listen to your body,because it NEVER lies.
    Eat when ya hungry , drink when ya dry, and eat what your body tells you to.
    You,l know what that is b/cos you,l get a sudden fancy for a certain food, obey.
    Restless ?, MOVE YA BODY, go for walk, look around you as you go ,use ya nose as well as ya eye,s ,do not get locked inside ya head, you,l see nothing except what is bothering you.
    The sky is there to be admired, so look up, it,s amazingly freeing .
    Go on, try it, i dare you.
    And remember,
    You cannot find peace by avoiding life.
    Choose to be well.

  8. Pete

    Sorry but you blue it again. Your luckyAris No romance. No Money No new Business. Never new friends or WOMEN. Or my rising Scorpio. Your lucky streak for not right is 100% perfect. You must read for California and not Ontario, Canada.

  9. malani

    Life is a hot mess. Nothing is going right,finances,family,marriage. Feels like a tsunami hit my life hard and Im stuck picking up the peices alone after my husband walked out. I just cannot see any good rightnow.

  10. mazell

    make a very special cup of your favorite tea and sit in somewhere fresh air be around, back yard, treed perhaps or nearby park. Sit comfortably on blanket, and be quiet, close your eyes, think of all the people you know, and send good will. If some people you do not like ask them to forgive you, send forgiveness. Drink your tea, thinking it is a nectar from your favorite deity. sip slowly,ask forgiveness, and send forgiving thoughts to those who wronged.

    Straighten up and try to think of all things of happiness you have encountered in life. e.i., at the time beautiful stranger man said you are the cutest little he has ever seen. Or, at the time in elementary, you received prize for your art work ! at the time your first love…

    Forgive yourself.
    Pray to your favorite deity.
    Believe you are in love w. the deity, and he/she will bring your happiness of all things, Love, Job, peace, laughter, friendship – just Imagine!!!

  11. sandy

    I am a mess i lost my job i’ve gainned weight, my temperment is terrible any more and I feel no flow of energy any more what do I need to do. I am fighting with my son and I just feel lost and depressed. What can I do please someone tell me what is going on in my universe.

  12. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    As a Wiccan, we celebrate the Autumn Equinox, we call it Mabon.

    The Equinoxes demonstrate balance, the breathing of life through contraction as well as expansion.
    Indeed, Mabon falls on the astrological date of the sun entering Libra: the Scales of Balance.
    At Mabon, the Earth demonstrates the beauty of surrender.The Earth at the Autumn Equinox shows us how to let go of the phase of growth and life.
    Imagine a world where no one and nothing dies. So the balance is growth and death, expansion and contraction, life and death. And at the Wiccan Sabbat of Mabon, we are called to align ourselves with this flow, and experience great peace and joy in the journey.

    •Are you balancing movement in the world with evolution of your spirit?

    •Your home life with outer commitments?

    •Your caring for others with pursuit of your own fulfillment?

    •Your daily responsibilities with your body’s needs?

    I just love fall ! This is my favorite time of year …..and I hope you all enjoy the New Moon ( 15th ) ….. and then the Autumn Equinox …. the 21st.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

    ps…. and remember, the Magick comes from within !

  13. Ewa

    What you read for me is true.I’m agree, I’m in big mess because all world turns ups side down.I’m don’t wonna give up I’m try the best what I can,and do something.Still don’t know hau,without money,in divorce,children(3) and college Iwonna only survive and find pice for me and later mayby more.I wonna only my spiryt to survive.It’s true my family put me down what hurt a lot.

  14. Rachel

    My soulmate is in North Dakota, I am in New Jersey,
    We met and fell deeply in love 22 yrs ago, we were together for a year and circumstances broke us up. I moved to NJ.
    He is alone and so am I. We talked on the phone a couple times recently. I am not sure things clicked again, but I have loved him for all these years. He is a bad boy type and I am Mary Poppins.
    I don’t see any hope for us as he will never leave ND for NJ and I will not leave NJ for ND Every relationship I have been in since, I have sold my house and given up everything for the man, only to be crushed and have to start over, I can’t do it again, Can anyone tell me what to do??? Can anyone tell me if there is someone else good out there for me???? There is no one that really knows any of this is there??? We just muddle through life hanging onto shreds of hope. Thank you for your time.

  15. lisa

    thanks for the todays forecast, all those things are all true which i need to do i just dont know when is the right time nor what to do i want to be somebody that people could look up to i want to do what is rigth for my children and other wise i want to achiever a name for myself career wise i have let down myself for 11yrs with a relationship that had me all broken down i felt helpless had feeling like nothing he lied cheated everthing and wanted to have a child but now does even have the time of day for him but i am staring to accepted he is a bastard i just want to be happy i have worked so hard and still working hard to feed my children and to adore the life that God has given me i just want to finnd someone and be happy and make my children happy but i how would i know when the right person will come along i need assistance a true friend someone i can trust to help me

  16. anna

    it is nice to hear some down to yourself things.i am not fan of summer delight it just upsets fine energies.from person to person sure is diferent.depend how much you feel all oround you.for manny spiritual disciplines too much exitments is not moon in virgo i am waiting for you with smile.
    love and light to all

  17. Mukul Nandi

    The California Psychics always tell me what is happening or going to happen for me. I always love you all dear. May kind God always keep you all happy, healthy and safe.


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