Harvest Moon Ritual

Every relationship needs tending. And there’s no better opportunity than the time of a Harvest Moon! Make September 26, 2007’s Harvest Moon (in Aries) a time to take stock in your relationship then use the enchanting force of the moon to help it grow.

If you’ve ever sorted through a basket of apples from an orchard, you’ve seen how even the cream of the crop includes bruises, gouges and sometimes blight. A relationship is truly similar to a basket of fruit, you have to pick out the rotten bits to be able to savor the sweetness as long as possible. As they say, one bad apple spoils the whole barrel.

Every relationship has its rotten moments, its spoiled aspects, and sometimes even stale patterns – and this Harvest Moon is the perfect time to cast out the bad and increase your portion of the deliciously juicy.

There’s a natural tendency to focus on what’s wrong, but it’s even more important to focus on what’s right, as that will increase it. Making a conscious effort to acknowledge aloud to your partner the sweet moments, blissful sex and affectionate gestures, will magically increase the luscious, loving interludes.

You can honor the Harvest Moon evening in a special ritual that takes advantage of the astrological energies in the very air around you. As with any moon ritual it’s best to do it alone and in privacy.

Love ritual:

First, choose a place where you won’t be disturbed. Then gather a white candle, some incense and a journal. You can make yourself a special beverage that honors the moon and helps you relax – like warm milk with sparkling sugar sprinkled on the foam, (or add a bit of kick to the recipe).

Once you’ve lit the candle and incense, sit for a few moments in relaxation and prepare to be absolutely truthful and honest with your journal. Enjoy your beverage by the candlelight. When you’re ready, as quickly as possible, jot down the very best and worst parts of your relationship. Write brief descriptions of the most romantic and memorable experiences, and the dark times. Note your best qualities as a lover and those of your mate, and then the worst. Some people prefer to organize their thoughts into columns, with positives on one side and negatives on the other.

Once finished, take a silver highlighter and circle all the points that are of real significance. Some irritating things ultimately don’t matter, like socks on the floor or uncapped toothpaste. Under the influence of the clarity brought by the Harvest Moon, ask yourself which good aspects of the relationship need more focus and which negative parts need to be rooted out? Sleep on what you’ve discovered, then share your insights with your beloved after morning’s dawn.

Harvesting isn’t just hauling all the fruit into the barn, a good portion of the work is sorting. Now is the season. With the natural energies on your side, you’ll be delighted at the insights the heavens inspire.

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