The Law of Gratitude: Create Abundance

Improve Your Life With the Law of Gratitude

Most of us have heard of The Law of Attraction, which is an important part of manifesting our destinies. However, few of us realize that showing gratitude is an integral part of that manifestation. The Law of Gratitude can be summed up by saying that if we give thanks regularly for what we already have, then we will receive more, as gratitude gains momentum.

It goes without saying that it is almost always easier to give than to receive. Imagine receiving a gift unexpectedly. Do your cheeks blush and does your body squirm? Do you have a hard time thanking the giver? It’s because you didn’t ask for it, right?

So many of us are never grateful for the things we think we deserve. But we need to remember to be thankful for everything we get in life. This will take us to the higher version of ourselves. It will connect us to our spirituality.

Don’t use gratitude as a means of getting more gifts, even though we are all guilty of this now and again. If you do that, you are not experiencing a soul connection, but rather a limitation by the ego. If we can really let go of our embarrassment and self-examine, we can truly bond with our higher self.

The Law of Gratitude works like this: You must be grateful for what you receive. If you are, then you will receive more. If you are not, then the giving ceases. It is this grateful state of being that attracts more. Complaining is the opposite of being thankful. Desiring with a grateful heart is the magnet to receiving more of what we want.

Being grateful for what you have been given helps you understand just how blessed you really are. The more consciously grateful you are, the more your blessings will manifest abundantly in your life. Being grateful will also inspire feelings of joy and delight. From the perspective of karma, the more you give, the more you will receive. The more you assist others, the more you will assist yourself.

When you say, “Thank you,” there is usually an overwhelming feeling of contentment. Negative thoughts will disrupt the flow of energy, creating resistance. Maintaining positive thoughts including gratitude assist in evolving your deepest desires.

So, how can you incorporate more gratitude into your life? Make it a habit to give thanks at the same time every day. Choose a trinket or a crystal that you keep in your pocket and when you touch it, make it a point to give thanks. Or when you look in the mirror, give thanks for who you are and what you have become. There will be a time when you realize there just is not enough time to be grateful for every little or large blessing in your life. Don’t stop giving thanks because of that. Just understand and be grateful that you are in the flow of gratitude.


24 thoughts on “The Law of Gratitude: Create Abundance

  1. Jan'et

    This is a wonderful article Aliza. If you are able to see this, please give me a call Ive been having an extremely rough time with George, finances, and school I. I could really use your guidace and strength at the moment.

    Hope to hear from you soon


  2. Linda

    Aliza, thank u so much for your guidance , understanding and love , I so very grateful for your guidance and helping me find my way thru this struggle with my bf and what to do Love you

  3. Jackie

    Hi Aliza… I just love to read these blogs from you as they bestow wisdom that I apply to my life …. When is the next blog from you coming out on-line? Sending you love and blessings always, Jackie

  4. Maria

    I am very grateful for having read this article and the one you posted on crystals. It’s helping me a great deal. I also want to thank you for the wonderful readings we had this week. Blessings.

  5. misskrystal

    hello mark from the UK-Thank you for your humor lol. I actually have an article going right now on the blog- it’s about soulmates. hope you have a wonderful day. 🙂 cheers, miss krystal

  6. Marc from the UK

    A nice affirmation that I am doing right. Have we all not had a point at some time where we think, Why am I getting negativity when I give so much? well may be it is the way we give that matters, not the way we receive??

    PS does, psychic Krystal do anything other than thanking people and looking Glam? lol.

  7. Aliza

    My sweet, precious Renee…I am so grateful to have you in my life!! I adore you and I absolutely love our readings and our connection. I wish you love, peace, happiness and prosperity every day of your life. I know you and your soul mate will have your happily ever after. Can’t wait to hear and feel the tears of joy on your end 😉 Blessings and much love – Aliza Ex.5844

  8. aliza

    Arlene and Jackie – I love you both so very much! I am so grateful to have each and every opportunity to read with both of you. As I say, it is truly a privilege and honor. I wish you both much love, peace and happiness now and always. Namaste – Aliza Ex. 5844

  9. Jackie

    Aliza, you are the most caring person I know. You are a role model for expressing gratitude and giving to others. Thanks for being there for all of us.

  10. Arlene

    WOW What a beautiful article Aliza! This truly does remind us to constantly be grateful for all of the wonderful things in our lives! I’m SO truly grateful not only for the things in my life, but it makes me appreciate everything a lot more! I’m SO truly grateful to have you in my life, and I thank you with all my heart!


  11. Renee F

    This is a great article! It reminds me to be grateful for each day, each moment! Especially on days like today when my soul mate calls and says she has missed hearing my voice so very much after being gone on a trip – I was thought of daily! It’s really the little things that mean the world, including all of my readings with Aliza. Whether we are laughing or crying together, its all an experience to be cherished! Aliza you are a blessing & I am so grateful! Love & Hugs!

  12. Seren ext. 5445Seren Ext 5445

    What a wonderful and inspiring article, Aliza!

    It is far too easy in our busy lives to forget to express gratitude consistently, not only for what we wish to receive but also for the blessings we have already received. There are so many in the world who have struggle literally to survive on a day-to-day basis; when those of us who are more fortunate are feeling overwhelmed or hopeless, we tend to forget how blessed we really are, just by virtue of experiencing this wonderful world for another glorious day.

    Wishing you much for which to be grateful,
    Seren, Ex 5445

  13. Jackie

    I touch my rose quartz and express my gratitude. I have a grateful heart for many blessings and because you are there to guide me.

  14. c.wright.thru.u.

    Divine infinite blessings, praises, and ever-increasing gratitude/appreciation for this article, The Law of Gratitude and ALL/ALL the best, eternally.


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