Go Out with a “Maybe”

They’re Just Not My Type: Why You Should Consider a “Maybe”

Have you ever turned down a date because the person asking just wasn’t your type? If you answered “yes,” then you could be lowering your odds of finding someone special. If you really want to take your love life by the horns try saying “yes” one more time. A reading with one of our trusted psychics can help you figure out when it’s the right time to step out of your comfort zone and say “yes” to a “maybe.”

It’s Just a Date

When you were younger, you probably heard the fairy tale about the princess who kissed a frog who then turned into a prince. Even though it’s just a story, it holds an important life lesson—take a chance and go out with a “maybe.” You never know what will happen. And if you find they’re not dating material, then maybe they’re just interesting enough to be a good friend.

Not every romance begins with love at first sight. It’s nice when it happens, but it’s not the only way to find someone you’re compatible with. Some of the best relationships happen over time, not overnight. And remember, it’s just a date and not the rest of your life!

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Dating isn’t a Life Sentence

Dating isn’t a life sentence! It’s just a date. That’s not to say that you should date everyone who asks you out, but if you meet someone with some qualities that interest you, don’t you owe it to yourself to give it a chance? The worst that could happen is that you spend one evening out of your 365-day year with someone who isn’t for you. The best that could happen is that you go out with a “maybe” and they turn into a possibility.

If you asked all the couples you know about the first time they met, odds are you’d find one or two of them, at the very least, who either weren’t sure about their current partner or who started out as friends.

Conversely, how many people do you know who thought they’d met “the one” actually met Mr./Ms. Wrong? The odds of that same scenario happening in reverse seem pretty good then, don’t they? If you take a chance and go out with a “maybe,” you might discover a pleasant surprise.

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A Bolder, Happier You

Stepping out of your comfort zone can be just as rewarding as it is challenging. Even if you go out with one “maybe” and it doesn’t turn out to be a love match, and even if you never try it again (but you should), you’ll feel good about having done it. Taking chances builds confidence and character whether we succeed or not, and I’m pretty confident that if you take a chance on a “maybe,” you just might wind up loving yourself more in the process.

And when Mr. Maybe becomes Mr. Right, just remember that you would have never known if you had never taken a chance on them.

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14 thoughts on “Go Out with a “Maybe”

  1. LJ

    Marti – that’s exactly what I’m talking about. Give someone a chance and it may turn out great. Good for you and congratulations.

  2. LJ

    Thanks to all of my readers for their comments. Wow there are so many strong opinions on this matter. Marc – we’re not looking to hurt anyone’s feelings. Having coffee with someone shouldn’t hurt their feelings. I just want people to look a little deeper than beyond the surface. If someone is still dating and their still single, then maybe it’s time to try a new approach to dating. As for stalkers (and they’re out there) have a plan in place to avoid them – meet someone, don’t have them pick you up – keep people at arm’s length in the beginning and show class and common sense mixed with a light-hearted approach to dating. And as far as guys not wanting to be friends afterwards if it doesn’t work out – it doesn’t happen every time, but it does happen. The point is to take a chance – you never know. Tell someone that you’re just dating and that you’re not getting serious with anyone until you’re ready – because your dating life is about you finding love. If you come to dating with an honesty then there should be no room for misunderstandings. You set the tone for what do and don’t allow into your life. All I wanted to suggest is that if you have a “type” that you date then why not try stepping out of your comfort zone and date a “maybe.” Always be respectful of other’s feelings and at the same time, don’t step beyond what’s comfortable. Good luck everyone.

  3. marti

    I met a guy on an online dating service. He was nice and met my requirements of what I want in a man, but I was not into him though I liked him. I decided I needed to give him a chance because even though I was not instantly attracted to him I knew I could be attracted to him. So in my case it was true.

  4. Careful 2

    To Virgo 5727 I bet you are like me. You get some facts together before you shop and sometimes even after the fact of driving a new car you make thank about it a week or more or get home and say well that was exciting but that is where the window shopper stops. I love to window shop myself and sometimes even if I eat lunch, I may decide well I going to put this behind me and I will not even listen to a fast sell. When I got out of school I met the perfect person so I thought and my life couldn’t get any better. Wrong I had fell in love with someone that would turn my world upside down, I wish now I had stayed home that night now. I just didn’t realize how vulnerable I was. 36 yrs. later I still am confused about this one we loved doing so many things together except then she suddenly started to do things without warning just to make me angry but finally I just had to convince myself a good relationship don’t hurt at every turn. So love on the run don’t work sometimes.

  5. Marc from the UK

    I disagree with this article on some points, for a start as I am one woman bloke, then if you are to date a bird as we call them here in blighty, then I feel you have to be respectful of their feelings, and to date some one who may be coming out of a difficult time or relationship then you could be doing more harm than good to their self esteem and dignity. I am careful who I date as I am aware that I may be giving them the wrong impression. we are human and at times fragile. Respect is the key, never use people! however a one off date with people on the same thought train is acceptable, but be careful as it often leads to rejection, betrayal, and hurt if not managed openly and honestly.

  6. Jaz

    I have been doing this “maybe” for few years now. Sometimes, the guy isn’t right for me and sometimes I really regret wasting my time and energy to spend my time and energy on some looser! My new year resolution never again!

  7. Kari

    I’ve never met a single solitary man who is willing to remain “just friends”with you. If a man can’t have sex with you he has no use for you.
    Men don’t stick around to be just friends and trying a Maybe guy is a sign of settling. The sparks are there or they’re not, there isn’t a maybe. Dating a guy is not who not my type is a waste of my make up and energy. I couldn’t disagree with this article more.

  8. mark

    I was wondering if you ncould.enlighten me on my future(work)….I am one of those lost souls.looking.for answers….and I can’t seem to.find resulotion …..birthdate 10/12/62….and do you.see.a large sum. Of money coming my way ……thanks I. advance…. mark n

  9. victoria

    what happens when maybe becomes an crazed stalker. is it just a date then or the rest of your life. some guys can’t take no for an answer. I had to leave a job because of a customer who just would not take no for an answer. so don’t tell me it is just a date and not the rest of your life . oh by the way it has been twenty years.

  10. virgo2757

    Even though it’s “just a date” you still have to keep in mind what you’re looking for and not settle. When my daughter was little and I would take her shopping, she would often ask me to buy her things without differentiating between “needing” & “wanting”. (Don’t we all have that problem sometimes?) If I told her we weren’t buying what she wanted, she’d say, “Can’t we just go LOOK at it?”, which would give her the opportunity to continue trying to cajole me into buying it. So after awhile, if I’d already decided I wasn’t buying her the thing she wanted, I’d tell her we weren’t even going to look at it, because looking often leads to buying…and to buyer’s remorse.

  11. sharon

    i would like to know I have been talking to a guy from out west he is 1144km away from me
    he is a aquarius and I am a aries I have never met him face to face but we e-mail. but
    I did something very stupid and he is not talking to me now will we ever get back to talking and maybe meeting soon


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