It’s My Life, Deal With It!

Dealing With Those Who Drag You Down

Repeat after me: It’s my life! 

You won out over 40 million other sperm to fertilize the egg that became you. You survived nine months of pregnancy and the trauma of childbirth. You somehow survived being a completely helpless infant and child at the mercy of a world of messed-up, confused adults. You’re probably generally doing OK and not in some insane war zone or in prison or some other godawful hell if you’re able to sit here and read this. You made it. You became a human being and stayed one—and as the Buddhists say, to take a precious human incarnation is one of the most prized and difficult challenges in the entire universe. YOU WON. Against all odds, YOU WON.

So why are you listening to haters tell you what to do with your life?

One more time: It’s my life, and I earned the right to be here!

So let’s walk through the proper ways to use this one.

Hater 1: “You have to do what I tell you to because I’m more important / armed / powerful / richer / hotter / smarter / ‘closer to God’ than you.”

You: “Nope. I don’t have to do anything.”

Hater 1: “Lies! What makes you think that?”

You: “It’s my life.”


Hater 2: “Let me tell you why you’re doing that wrong / why you suck / why you’re a failure / why you’ll never amount to anything / why you should give up.”

You: “How about you immediately exit my universe and never come back.”

Hater 2: “No! You have to listen to me! I have your best interests in mind!”

You: “It’s my life. I do with it as I please and make my own mistakes. Out, now.”


Hater 3: “You are only what I observe you as. I’ve always observed you as being in this job / relationship / social role / personality. Therefore, you can never change.”

You: “Of course I can.”

Hater 3: “No! Then I’d have to change to go along with you and I don’t want to do that!”

You: “Then you don’t have to come with me. See ya.”

Hater 3: “No! You can never leeeeeeave meeee!!”

You: “Sure I can. It’s my life. Bye.”

See how that works?

After all, it’s the only, and best reason why you should ever do anything. Because you want to, and you want to use your most precious resource to do it: your time on this planet. Anybody who says otherwise can help themselves to a big glass of shut your mouth.

You have one life: Don’t waste it making other people happy!

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One thought on “It’s My Life, Deal With It!

  1. quinn

    interesting to say the least… i know there are haters out there yet if someone is indeed a hater and you do what they think is best for you doesn’t that give them responsibility in your life or on your life path?
    if you are not happy in the first place i don’t think you can make anyone else happy. kinda like karma – what you put out you get back. so a hater gets hate. a lover gets love. imho if a hater is hating on me i would say, i get that you are hurting so why are hating on me? i do not want your hate or accept it in my life. i am not going to let you in my life and hope that you can find some love or compassion in your heart to heal yourself so that you can stop hating…so here’s a big hug.
    sure hope haters don’t carry guns.


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