Is Patience a Virtue?

Is patience still a virtue? Or is it an old-fashioned notion that’s hopelessly out of sync with today’s fast-moving, high-tech world, where instant gratification is expected? We all need to give ourselves the luxury of being patient.

It’s worth waiting for the important things in our lives to manifest themselves, remind the experts on our team at When our psychics do tell callers that some things are worth waiting for, the immediate response is often an impatient, “but how long will it take?”

“If you can see it happening, why can’t I have it now?” callers often ask about the timing in love, marriage, financial success, career achievement and overall happiness. But there’s a larger, universal picture involved when it comes to waiting things out, and it might not be in line with your mindset, or your level of patience. In the opinions of most of our psychics, patience is one of the lessons that much of humankind is supposed to be learning right now. “Do you want this experience to be right, or right now?” is the question they often ask when callers try to back them into a corner about timing.

“I have found that clients who hang in there patiently are the ones who most often manifest the greatest good from their readings,” Kallista ext. 9623 explains. “There is a divine timing and divine order, and if a desired goal keeps showing up in the cards as achievable – and the client patiently perseveres – they usually get it.”

The virtue of patience is empowering. “One of the largest issues in human interaction is the difference in the timing and speed that it takes for individuals to come to a common conclusion. ‘Are we in love?’ ‘Should I hire them?’ ‘When will they give me money?'” Maryanne ext. 9146 points to some important questions that sometimes must be decided jointly. If one person in a relationship decides they are ready for greater commitment more quickly than the other, for instance, the speedier individual may give up early on – or pressure the other to respond, causing them to back away. Patience wins in these situations, the psychic reminds us.

Use patience to look forward to the things you believe are right for you, but value your life as you are waiting for your dreams to come true, our psychics stress. Don’t just cross off the days, months or years until you achieve your goals.

Savor each step. Good things take time to develop and grow. Some require waiting months, and others require years of effort. Both take patience. How do we hold onto patience in a world that tests it every day? Learn to relax, our intuitive counselors suggest. People often find comfort in spirituality, prayer or meditation at times when patience is necessary. And remember that the patience will not have to last forever. And if you must let go of something… if you have enjoyed the journey, all is never lost.

When we learn to let everything in our lives flow like this, and stop putting limitations on when and where and how we think life ought to be, then the Universe can bring us the true desires of our heart, and our greatest joys.

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