Red Responds: Do Soulmate Connections Work In Other States?

Donna in Oregon City writes:

I have been married for twelve years. My husband currently resides in another state due to work. Will this soulmate connection stand the test of distance? Do you see him coming here with business or possibly my joining him where his job is now? Thanks for the insight.

Dear Donna,

Don’t let your insecurities add to the stress of your interstate marriage. I know that’s easier said than done, but I have faith in you!

Your current living arrangements may be less than ideal for your marriage, and each of you has been coping and adapting the best that you can. I know it may seem as if the distance is increasing in the connection you have with your husband, but that is largely due to the separation being more challenging to deal with than he had anticipated. It is very easy to fall into a pattern of separate lives because of your circumstances, but the connection between the two of you is still burning bright. You guys really do love each other.

It will be some time before the two of you live under the same roof again, unless you make it more of a mission. Time could stretch out another eight months to a year before work would bring your husband home. While it may not be the best option, you really may want to consider moving to join him. There is no quick and easy solution, and you do have the option of waiting it out, because your marriage will remain intact.

In the meantime, get creative! Late night phone calls, cards and love letters, weekend escapes – these things would be good for both of you, and your marriage. You guys are very connected, but that does not mean you can’t learn to connect differently, introducing a new element of romantic flavor into a lonely situation.

It’s hard being apart, but it doesn’t mean that you aren’t together. True love has no boundaries, and it certainly can span time and the miles.

Brightest Blessings!
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