How to Stop Making Excuses

Dreams sh’meams right everyone? Why do we dream of doing things? Going after things? Accomplishing things? Have you ever noticed how easily children “dream”? We start off as pure beings of innocence – no baggage, no scars, no traumas. Then, for some reason as we become adults, our dreams and belief in our selves gets skewed somehow … leaving us with a dim flame and deep unfulfillment.

Here are some common self-sabotaging thoughts that can creep into our precious (and powerful) minds and begin to stomp out that fire in our hearts. When these thoughts present their damaging, ugly, mean-spirited, realist, discouraging, good-for-nothin’… ok, you get the picture. When these thoughts pop in, politely (or not) tell them they have been dismissed.

When you’re thinking: “But, I’m too “old” to go after my dream/s now! I have a family, a mortgage, a decent job … maybe in my next life.”

Tell yourself: Listen to me good. You have ONE life to live as the person you are today. This isn’t a dress rehearsal – this is the show! You should never hinder yourself from pursuing anything your heart desires no matter what age you are or what stage of life you’re in. Life is supposed to be about no regrets – don’t end up regretting the things you never did! If you have a desire, put it to work and start planning. No, you can’t just up and drop your current life, patience will be needed … but the point is, you can do it.

When you’re thinking: “There are too many people chasing the same dream. What makes me so special? Why would I stand out amongst others?”

Tell yourself: This all has to do with believing in what YOU have to offer … not others! What makes you unique? What value do you bring to the table? Don’t pay attention to them … they’re dealing with the same insecurities you are. Only the people with confidence, passion, drive and more confidence are going to make it. All you have to do is choose to believe in yourself. Look, if everyone thought that way, no would be pursuing anything … am I right? Someone once said that luck is when preparation meets opportunity. Do your homework, work hard, study hard, play hard and chances are the universe is going to help you out … that’s when opportunity comes in.

When you’re thinking: “It’s too much work! I don’t have time. I’m too tired. No one will help me.”

Tell yourself: Stop the whining! Do you think anyone who ever reached their dreams did so without working for it? Um, let me answer that for you … NO! Yes, it’s hard work – and yes, you’re going to be tired … but isn’t it worth the pain? You’re living life! You’re doing what most others fear doing. Fill your book of life with chapters upon chapters about how many times you fell down, got back up and told life, “You’re not gunna BEAT me!” This builds true character, supplies you with thrilling stories to tell your grandchildren and fills you with pride like you couldn’t imagine. Never give up until you’ve tried so many times you fall over. This is your game folks, show ’em how it’s played.

17 thoughts on “How to Stop Making Excuses

  1. Suzi

    Gave myself a 100 days for him to follow through, and make a firm plan to get together.Our last meaningful time was 100 days ago….now excuses, etc. I realized there is no dress rehearsal, and yes, I will pick myself up, and start over. Within 24 hrs. the Universe brought a wonderful new potential partner into my life…but I will not define myself by the acceptance of others

  2. Suzi

    Gave myself a 100 days for him to follow through, and make a firm plan to get together.Our last meaningful time was 100 days ago….now excuses, etc. I realized there is no dress rehearsal, and yes, I will pick myself up, and start over. Within 24 hrs. the Universe brought a wonderful new potential partner into my life…but I will not define myself by the acceptance of others

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  5. Diganta Kumar Gogoi

    i was a bit depressed with myself…….before i read this article…..but…NOW…..i truely believe that I CAN DO IT……..Life is one…..and we must live it…….From now on….No Excuses….!!!!!…….THANKS A LOT…..

  6. Celia

    I agree with this article so much you can do anything you want and you should never let age or anyone tell you what you can’t do. If you have a dream go at it full force, It is also so true that you have to work for everything in this world, but when you do get it you can say that I work very hard for this and I have earn this every much, you will fill with pride and be very happy. But your life is what you make it if you want nothing out of life then you will have nothing.

  7. Suresh

    As I read your article I felt so energized. You summed up simply brilliantly. That is what I have been lacking even though I am very good fighter and never give in, yet there are times one does go down in dumps. Thank you. Mwah Mwah,

  8. Diadriel

    YES!! As my shaman, Will Rockingbear says ” Say to these nay-sayers, even if they are outside you, Not me, Not Today! I want every cell in my body and spirit to hear me and respond, that I will not be affected by negativity!”… I have used that to good effect. When someone says, or even as a thought to myself, ” oh, you will be sorry or.. oh you can’t….. ” I say, Not me! Not Today! I can, I will, I do!

  9. bikram

    words and explanation that help us in our lifes. i ready articles daily it helps understand how human nature works and what we may do to improve our self. it is an insight to our souls and help realise how far have we come and where wer headed

  10. Chris

    Interesting article there, Alway’s try to extinguish those negative wave’s that can occur in the mind and replace them with happy positive wave’s. It will make the world seem a much better place!

  11. misskrystal

    my point about being rude is, it can BLOCK you-you may not realize it, but I see it all of the time.
    The subcon. mind is powerful. Put out good and get good back….It works trust me…
    Even to yourself..miss krystal

  12. misskrystal

    Please always remember, you can never go wrong in being polite.
    There is a polite way to say, “No.” No need to give details, but showing respect is key.
    Most people will regret, later, that they were rude….The ego and anger can “let” us do things, that for sure, no matter who is at fault, can regret later…. No need to blow up bridges…
    We never want to be rude. Never. There is always a polite way to say all things. Miss Krystal

  13. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Justine,

    Great article……inspiring and motivational !!!!!!!! ………and true.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

    PS…..I really like the nice ‘mix’ of articles in the blog…..

  14. Jacqueline x9472

    Hi Justine,

    I enjoy reading your articles very thought provoking, I started changing my thought patterns years ago, not only did I change my thinking patterns but realized that there was so much more to having the happy fulfilled life, your attitude towards your past, all the ex’s in your life the relative that done you wrong, let it go, harbor no ill fillings towards anyone.

    When-ever a ill feelings towards anything or anyone pops in let it go, send it love and say thank you for the experience, but send it off….If you don’t and you harbor ill feelings this will stop progress, all the joy and happiness the life that you so want.

    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472

  15. maryannex9146Maryanne


    Wow! Great article. You are so right about “too old”. I saw the national news human interest story today that the last of the Ziegfield Girls had passed away today at age 106. The important part is they showed a video clip of her dancing on her 100th birthday and that girl could move and gracefully. Apparently, she didn’t realize she was too old.

    I love the “why would they pick me” part of your article as well. Why would they pick you? Because you are you!!!! We all know the old saw-always someone younger, prettier, thinner, richer. So what.

    Finally, in the last days of our lives will we be glad we stayed home and scrubbed the woodwork or worked and saved a few days pay or would we rather we had impulsively hopped a plane to Paris with that great guy or good friend. Hmmm-I wonder-easy decision for me.

    Thanks again,

    Psychic Maryanne
    Extension 9146


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