5 Meaningful Holiday Gifts

5 Meaningful Holiday Gifts

The Most Meaningful Gifts Cost You Nothing

Each holiday season, we as shoppers engage in the annual crisis of deciding what gifts to give our loved ones. Whether you’re trying to save money this year, or are looking for something meaningful to give, here is my short list of meaningful holiday gifts. Some cost nothing. Others cost only what you are willing to give.

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Give Time

Have you ever felt like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done? You’re not the only one, and many of us tend to feel like we have even less time during the holiday season. With this is mind, something as simple as the gift of your precious time can be a very meaningful gift to give. Your time may be precious, but it will be so appreciated and even more precious to someone who needs it.

Give Understanding

This holiday season, put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Give them your sincere understanding. Lend your ears and offer empathy and compassion when someone else is going through a hard time or facing a challenge. A gift of sympathy and understanding goes a long way.

Give an Apology

An apology goes a long way to rectify a strained relationship. An apology is not a sign of weakness. Rather, it’s a sign of strength, courage and self-confidence. An apology is not an indication that you are giving up. It’s not a sign that you aren’t unwavering and steadfast in your determination. You are overcoming a natural stubbornness when you apologize. Your apology may even inspire someone to apologize to you.

Give Forgiveness

One can find great courage and strength in offering forgiveness—even to those who are undeserving of it. Forgiveness is the act of disconnecting oneself from the destructive and negative emotions of being hurt by another. When you forgive, you are no longer vengeful, bitter, vindictive, angry or resentful. You can either just decide to let the hurt go, or you can actively seek out the person in order to make amends and reconcile. Like an apology, forgiveness is not a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of strength, self-confidence and humanity.

Give Thanks

Routinely reflecting upon one’s thankfulness is a humbling practice. Reminding yourself regularly of your gifts, advantages and privileges in life (however big or small) helps you focus on what is most important in life. And when you are thankful for what you have, you will want to give to others with a great deal of love.

I hope you give and receive these kinds of meaningful gifts this holiday season.

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2 thoughts on “5 Meaningful Holiday Gifts

  1. Ivory ext 6551

    Some great suggestions on ways to give meaningful gifts that people will remember for years to come!

    If you incorporate one (or more)of these into a hand written letter I think that would make the gift even more valuable!

    Ivory ext 6551

  2. Luminosa

    Thank you for this spiritual gift! It made me think about my nearest and dearest and try to figure out if I owed any or all of them anyone special of these gifts. And that seems to be a good way to spend this precious time before Christmas, in reflection I mean.


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