How to Forgive and Move On

Learning the Hardest Lesson

We all experience massive pains and hurts in our lives. It’s part of being human. Maybe somebody cheated on us, or betrayed us, or hurt us in our career. It can hurt. What’s even worse, though, is that it can keep on hurting, way after the incident actually happens, as we continue to mull it over in our heads, thinking about what could have been if we had done something different, or seen the writing on the wall earlier. That kind of thinking can keep us trapped in mental prisons for years.

So what do we do? We have to forgive. Even if the other person isn’t worthy of forgiveness, we have to forgive for our own sake, so that we can move on from the hurt and the pain and face a new day and new opportunities without being trapped by the past.

We talked to our psychics about the healing and forgiving process, and got some excellent responses about how to forgive.

Psychic Glenna ext. 5418 says: “If you have experienced emotional pain in your life, then you know how difficult it can be to carry out your normal daily tasks with the weight from the pain bearing down on your heart. This pain can be caused by another person, and it can also be self-inflicted. Holding onto guilt, resentment or anger towards yourself or another person that has caused you pain can lead to mental and physical problems later in your life, and is unhealthy.

“It is important to release this pain from your mind in order to release it from your body, which is accomplished through forgiveness. If you still harbor negative thoughts or feelings about a situation that caused you pain in your life, it is helpful to try different forgiveness techniques and methods so that you can begin to heal your mind, heart and ultimately your spirit.”

What if you’ve been cheated on and broken up with somebody, and are still carrying the pain? “Trust is so important in relationships and it can be a deal breaker when trust has been broken,” says Psychic Deejay ext. 5435. But forgiveness is still the key, says Psychic Red ext. 9226: “Forgiving your ex certainly will increase your positive karmic position in this life and the next—but you aren’t actually obligated to take him back.”

Psychic Faith ext. 9608 reminds us that forgiveness is a process that takes time, and something we grow into: “As we mature, we begin to heal our family history. Our perspectives alter through forgiveness and we begin to let go of long standing grievances.”

And most of all, Psychic Rivers ext. 5273 makes sure we remember: “Be kind and forgiving of yourself. We are all human, and we all make mistakes.”

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