How To Develop Compassion

What is compassion? It’s part of living a good life, our psychics say. It’s what truly connects us to others. It helps us understand their points of view, notice their suffering, and become sensitive to what they really need in moments of difficulty.

Yet to live a truly compassionate life, we must give ourselves the same gift of loving kindness. Our psychics report that true love and compassion go hand in hand. “Compassion is inseparable from love,” they tell us. “Often, spirit guides say that one of the main goals of being human is to develop compassion and unconditional love.”

Compassion is the ability to walk in another person’s shoes. It is a true capacity to see others and their circumstances for what they are. “It is the understanding that if we look at another with a spiritual eye, we can embrace their best path without interference or judgment. We must have the strength to allow our loved ones to go through whatever is best for them,” our psychics emphasize.

Compassion clearly is not attempting to “fix” someone, or taking their well-being on as some sort of project. We don’t want to smother them with sympathy or petty kindnesses, or attempt to buy their happiness. Intrinsic to compassion is the understanding that we may feel the need to alleviate another person’s suffering, but we cannot do for them what they must do for themselves. Instead, the best we may be able to do at times could be to simply listen, or be there with them – even if it’s just as an ear at the other end of a phone line.

“Compassion, for most, is an acquired trait,” some psychics believe. It often comes with age and life experience, but some never do learn the lessons of compassion that come through life’s interactions.

The key to teaching compassion is to practice it yourself, our intuitive team affirms. Many psychics strive to show this trait in readings – as an example and encouragement to others to be as open, loving and kind as possible. They try to show callers how to understand the point of view and the feelings of those they are questioning about in their readings.

Be merciful with yourself, as well, they advise. Many callers are way too hard on themselves, usually due to a habit of thinking too much. To turn this around, psychics direct them to get out of their heads and into their bodies – the heart and the solar plexus, in particular, or their third and fourth chakras. When they do this and then ask themselves the same questions they had been pondering, their answers can be very different: kinder and much more compassionate, toward themselves and toward others as well.

The wonderful thing about compassion, our psychics reveal, is that people pick up on it easily and gratefully. And doesn’t one simple act of compassion make the world a better place? Try it!

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