How a Simple Change Led to a Great Romance

Love in 90 Days

Learn simple changes to make now to get the relationship that is just right for you. Dr. Diana Kirschner, author of Love in 90 Days weighs in.

The Essential Guide to Finding Your Own True Love

Did you know that we are currently in the Chinese Year of the Dragon? This is a year of good fortune, and a perfect time to take action and make your dreams come true, especially in the arena of love! So how can you take full advantage of this time of possibilities? You can learn about simple changes you can make right now that lead to big life transformations and help you get the relationship that is just right for you.

Christie, a 44 year old nurse, did just that. She was someone who had trouble getting even one date. Now she’s a dating queen! And all she did was use a key secret from my book, Love in 90 Days: The Essential Guide to Finding Your Own True Love. Here’s how she describes it:

“When I started using your Love in 90 Days book, I didn’t realize how much I believed ‘I’m fat and unlovable.’ I have never had a good long-term relationship and I really believed that I would never have one. I’d give excuses to people that ‘I’m too busy’ or ‘I don’t need a man’ but the truth is I never thought it would happen to me.

By the fourth week of using the book, that belief was GONE! I had dated about a dozen men at that point and every single one of them wanted me. I’m convinced, using your simple techniques, there is someone for everybody. At the nine-week mark, I am dating a fantastic guy who is different from anyone I ever dated before—my true soul mate!”

When Christie started using Love in 90 Days, she would say things like, “I’m too unattractive,” “Men want thinner women” or “I’m too old!” She was focused on what was wrong or unattractive about her. This kind of negative self talk tends to hold you back from getting out there to ride the wave of good fortune that is available to you right now. The simple step Christie made was to turn this negative self talk into positive inner comments about herself—a 360º turn that completely transformed her love life. Christie learned to focus on what was attractive about her through a simple 10-minute exercise from Love in 90 Days. I call this finding your Diamond Self—your best self identity.

This absurdly easy exercise can boost and build your self-confidence and self-esteem many times over, so that you can find a real love match that is just right for you. You can also deepen that connection with the One you really want. There are many other simple tips that can turn this year of the dragon into your year of lasting passionate love in Love in 90 Days. The book has helped thousands of women and men find the love of their dreams! Your turn and your time is now.

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Here are just a few of the dozens of other tips in Love in 90 Days:

• Exactly where to meet dozens of terrific partners. I know, you can’t even find one good person to date! (page 91)

• The single most important thing you can do to win the love of the One you really want. (page 4)

• How to create an amazing connection in the first meeting or date so that he or she can’t wait to call and see you again. (pages 80-81)

• How to create a Love Intention or vision for your future and translate that vision into the practical, effective actions needed to make it real. (pages 89-91)

• The big mistake women make that makes a guy decide that she’s not the One for him. (page 20)

• How to prevent a man from suddenly become guarded, emotionally distant and disappearing from your life. (page 148)

• The six secrets of rapid online dating success and how to use them to meet millionaires, doctors, business owners and other successful men. (pages 97-104)

• How to take your dating life from ho-hum to having adventures that are out of a romance movie. (Just ask some of my former students!) (page 80)

• How the powerful Dating Program of Three guarantees that you will not be alone without a great man in your life. (pages 42-44)

• The Three KEY questions you MUST ask about any guy you are thinking of dating. The answers to these questions can save you years of trouble and heartache. (page 78)

• The fool-proof signs that a man is relationship material and someone who can bring to life the longing in your heart of hearts. (page 79)

• How to tell for sure if he’s the One, or whether he is just wasting the most precious years of your life. (pages 87-88)

• The thing many women do to try to keep a man interested that actually drive him into the arms of another woman. (pages 25-26)

• Ten red-flag signs that you are wasting your precious time with a player or commitment-phobe. (I know he talks such a great game when he is with you.) (page 107)

• The exclusive DUDs and STUDs Report: a wonderful tool that helps you rate your guys. (The best ones leap off the page.) (pages 158-165)

• New ways of being and acting that help you find the One and win his love forever. (pages 75-77)

• The 4 myths of online dating that I debunk forever. (And they’ve probably been keeping you from tapping a goldmine of possibilities.) (pages 95-96)

The Ultimate First Aid for Heartache. I will show you how to get over a break-up and come out stronger and better than ever. (pages 214-216)

• A simple fix for getting out of abusive relationships forever. This one could save your life. (pages 187-188)

• Why steamy hot sex too early in a relationship inevitably leads to disaster. (And how you can forever stop acting like a moth to a flame.) (pages 181-182)

• How women end up being just buddies with men and how to never ever end up like that. (You know you can’t get married that way, right?) (page 193)

• A psychological secret that you can use to create chemistry with a good partner who’s “not your type.” (pages 160-162)

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(All Page numbers refer to the paperback version of Love in 90 Days)

Diana Kirschner, Ph.D. is a psychologist whose revolutionary work is the basis of a PBS TV special on love. She is the author of the best-selling dating advice book, Love in 90 Days, and the highly acclaimed relationship advice book, Sealing the Deal: The Love Mentor’s Guide to Lasting Love. Visit Dr. Diana at

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14 thoughts on “How a Simple Change Led to a Great Romance

  1. lily

    Yeah!!! my apologies but mama here is not going to wait for Mr. Right to have a family”’ If I don´t pop a kid out between my legs by next year then i will solicit a sperm donor on line and make a baby the natural way””’ over my dead body if someone thinks im waiting

  2. Nancy

    I would lI’ve a copy too. Just a quick note. I chuckle whenever I see someone says or writes “someone did a 360° turn”. 360 is doing a full circle = coming back to the same point. If someone changes, going to the opposite way of what he was, I would think he did a 180° turn. Although I’m no editor expert, but it’s true that a 180° could be seen as he changed half way. But either way, I get the point and you got me intrigue to get the book. How do I go about getting it?

  3. Marc from the UK

    I must study harder to get a grammology degree !!! Or like others realise that there is no spell or grammer checker on this site! However that is no excuse for not checking, however a lot of people were not so fortunate at school and are trying harder to get by than those who take there education as superior and for granted!

  4. linda

    I can’t understand that every time I read these stories on this site, most of the comments are from people who cannot speak proper grammatical English!!!! Why?

  5. Bena Jamir

    Just curious to know where to find the book of Love in 90 days by Dr.Diana Kirshner. And how will i contact her for personal consultation?!?

  6. Odilia Zama

    I Am very happy reading your News Letter, infact I have been enlighten on so many things.
    I am in Love with a man who is unmarried. Many woman love and run after him, my fear is does he really Loves me? AND will he married me? We are from the same country but for now he has traveled to another country.

    I am waiting for your reply,

    Thanks for understanding.

  7. Mark

    If the woman Christie in your example made a 360* turn, she ended up right where she started. She should have made a 180* turn.

  8. Mary Jo

    How can I get a copy of this book. I have been on line seeking a man to grace my life. As my boyfriend died three years ago. I have been extremely lonely. I realize there is more to life, than what I have experienced.
    I have meet some one special, a nice man, I basically do like him. I told him that I am seeking a relationship. He feels I am into the situation more than him. A few days ago the lonely feelings of life were taking over. So I felt I needed to step back. Of which we still communicate. I have not seen him in almost a week and due to the fact I am going out of town, I will not see him for awhile more. He is just seeking to be a friend of mine. Nothing more. We do have a good chemistry, even he has said so. I have only known him for 2 months. Not long at all.
    Mary JO


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