10 Ways to Get Over Yourself and Be Happy

Everyone has bouts of gloom and unhappiness in their lives. It is the strength and courage to pry out of that dark place that makes you whole again. We want to help you on that journey and have some great tips and advice to lead the way.

Take Stock of Yourself and Be Thankful

In the movie Sideways, two buddies take a road trip through California’s wine country. Paul Giamatti’s character is a depressed, angsty, lonely writer. His friend has to constantly remind him: “Don’t go to the dark places.”

No matter how happy and contented we are most of the time, we all take a detour into the dark places sometimes. Congratulations, we’re human!

But once you realize that you’ve shifted downward, there’s nothing to be gained by lingering in the depths. Eventually we have to get over wallowing in the sadness, and cease worrying, complaining, and stewing about it. Life is too amazing for that; it just becomes very hard to forget this in our darkest moments. If you need help finding your way ask a psychic about your situation today!

So let these ideas shift you out of that dark place into a brighter one. Sometimes a shift is all you need.

1. You are not your thoughts. I thank the authors Eckhart Tolle and Wayne Dyer for bringing this idea home to me. Our thoughts can create negative interpretations of our lives that aren’t reality. When you recognize that your troublesome thoughts aren’t who you are; you’re free to break away from the painful hold they once had on you.

2. Replace old habits with new habits. If you want to get rid of a bad habit like complaining or being pessimistic, you have to have something better ready to take its place. Try positive affirmations or healing mantras to replace old, negative soundtracks in your head.

3. Make a physical shift! Stand up and get moving. Do something active and healthy for your body, even if it’s just a long walk. Exercise releases healthy hormones and endorphins that naturally bring happiness and peace of mind.

4. Change the scenery. If you can’t change the physical scenery by getting out and about, you can change your mental scenery by reading a funny website or reading an inspiring article or book. Cleaning your living area to bring positive new visuals into your home life will refresh your mental and emotional states too.

5. Get some form of healing or therapy. There are many kinds of healing beyond talk therapy, like sound, music, or art therapy. Explore what speaks to you. It’s also healing to find a trusted person to talk with.

6. Write it out. Just write about where you are in this moment. Sometimes when we’re in a negative place, that place wants a voice. Give it a voice for a page or so to release it. Then you can let it go and move on.

7. Do something to help somebody else out. It can be as involved as an afternoon of volunteering or as simple as straightening up items in a grocery store. Helping others lifts our spirits and takes our minds off repetitive and self-absorbed thoughts.

8. Forgiveness. When we forgive, we’re not condoning another’s bad behavior; we’re releasing the hold that behavior has on us. Doreen Virtue has a great exercise she calls the “forgiveness corral.” Imagine that the people who’ve wronged you are held in a pen, or corral, in your mind. Then open the door and with full forgiveness allow them to leave, one by one.

9. Let love in. Negativity, worry and fear are the absence of love. When you love showers your whole being, there’s no room left for the dark places to take over. It can start as simply as setting the affirmation: “I am a being of love, surrounded by love always.”

10. Be thankful for everything. As the tapestry of our lives unfolds, we gain perspective. We realize that A led to B which led to C. Or maybe A had to go to M, then double back and take the long way to C, for reasons that become crystal-clear as time goes on. Saying thank you to all the events of our lives puts the power back in your hands. You’ve learned the lesson this event needed to teach, you’re moving forward with gratitude and grace and you’re stronger than you ever would have known.

“Trust that what you are asking for will come to be. Know that the source has heard your questions and trust it will be handled.” – Mimi ext. 5522

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9 thoughts on “10 Ways to Get Over Yourself and Be Happy

  1. Marc from the UK

    Putting it another way, when we feel ill (sick!) as they say over the pond, we take medication and sympathy for granted, with mental health, it is not so easy, we have to adjust our thinking, some people in life are not well educated or take learning for granted like those who absorb information and learning techniques like a sponge, my point…..? Tools like that we have just been handed should be used as our daily medicine and put into practice! Great article I should print it and put it on my board.

  2. Tracy

    I love this article, thank you so much for an insightful, uplifting posting! It’s too easy to forget that we have to work at our mental heath, and the tools you outline are practical as well as inspirational. As Mary Ann points out, we have the gift of choice — to chose how we will respond to not only external life events, but also to internal thoughts and feelings. Thanks Erica, and fellow ‘commenters’ for sharing your light! Much love!

  3. misskrystalmisskrystal

    hi erica, just love this article…agree w/gina rose about the work bringing rewards…all of your suggestions are just therapy in itself reading….thanks
    miss krystal

  4. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Great article !!!!

    I especially loved tips # 1 thru 5……change takes work and effort, but has it’s rewards in the end.

  5. patricia

    thanks for posting this. it has truly helped me. my job of 25 yrs went overseas last year. on top of that a divorce. i know it is a fresh start for me, but it has been a struggle. i am trying to stay positive, but it hasn’t been easy. this gave me a few new tools to help when i get a little down. i know my prayers are being answered, it will just take time. stay strong, stay positive, stay focused 🙂

  6. Mary Ann Bardwell

    I liked this article very much. I am a positive person, but slip into some negative thinking or worries from time-to-time. I find I need to hit the ‘Refresh’ button in my mind to shake these thoughts and feelings, and that is what this article did for me. We can dwell on the good, positive, happy things in our life just as easily as we could the bad, negative or sad. It’s a choice we make. Some days I find the choice a little harder than others and need reminding. This article did if for me. I have printed it and will read it when I need a ‘refresher’. Thank you for a very truthful and helpful article. Have a beautiful day.

  7. -quinn ext.5484

    loved the movie sideways…
    great article erica. #6 write it out. yes, one of the best ways to let go of negative stuff.
    thank you for sharing your wisdom.

  8. Marc from the UK

    Thank you for a well thought out article, I have used these techniques on many occassions and still have a thank you mantra I use every morning that I thank the universe out load for the positives I have in my life! I could not recommend this article enough in helping change our mental perspective when as we all do slip down or fall over. It’s fine to feel bad you are entiltled to do that but remember we are also entitled to be happier and grateful!


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