Holiday Stress By Sign

There’s no getting ’round it, the holidays can be as stressful as they are wonderful. With this astrological guide, you’ll be able to avoid the pitfalls of your own reactions and be aware of what awaits. Fortunately, this month is largely under the sway of adventurous Sagittarius and ambitious, magnetic Capricorn, making it a largely lucky and painless time for most of us.

Note: Check your Sun Sign and your Ascendant for the most complete reading!

It’s the holidays, family is afoot and if you’re not careful, you’ll be stubborn, stubborn, stubborn the last two weeks of the month. Beware of a tendency to be uncompromising, irritable and impulsive. Guard against irritation by taking enough time alone and calling in council from cooler heads. Otherwise, your signature social energy and enthusiasm will make the parties and play time of the season a time to remember. This month is also a wonderful, and lucky, time to begin a new project or business.

This holiday season couldn’t go more swimmingly for you than it does this month! You’ll feel especially close to your love, romance will light the air and you’ll not only feel that you’re in deep understanding, you will be. Your usual concerns about your finances will start the month off, but within the first week you’ll have made smart plans and found concrete solutions. Social activities with your partner and family will go well and you’ll enjoy more than your fair share of holiday cheer.

You generally look forward to this season’s social whirl and will, as usual, be the life of the party. Yet, beware a tendency to go overboard, this year you’ve got less energy and enthusiasm on reserve. You’re understandably worried about someone, either a close family member or a paramour. The comfort and concern you offer is going to inevitably reduce your energy, so you won’t rebound as easily from a quaff of holiday champagne. Be a bit more conservative in your partying, and you should end this year with much to appreciate.

Worried little crab, what are you going to do with this month? The heavens have given you a perfect holiday gift – optimism. They’ve planned a spectacular month for you – you’ll be committed to your health, to organizing your home, and all that positive energy will make you very attractive. This will draw new opportunities, new projects, perhaps even a new business venture into your radiant orbit. All this vibrancy will naturally spill out into your holiday plans making this holiday one for the record books.

You’re looking forward to parties, to giving presents, and seeing old and new friends and relatives this month. Just beware a tendency to hold court and be too needy of attention that might end parties sooner than you’d like. Share center stage and everyone will go home happy. In every other respect, it’s a wonderful month where you’re unusually creative, very productive, lucky and utterly magnetic. People will crowd around, happy to share in your lovelight, and to add their talents to your projects at work. If you’re feeling like your love and dedication to someone special is real and solid, this month is a wonderful time to make a commitment. The heavens above are arrayed in favor of a successful commitment.

All the concerns that have been weighing you down around your family, lover and friends finally begin lifting. In the crush of holiday parties, you regain some of your native energy and are able to forge new connections to family or friends and their kids. With your rebounded energies returning you to yourself, your love regains its ease and comfort again. This positive trend also spreads into the work and domestic arenas and you begin to enjoy some wonderful good luck in both.

You’re already in high gear, and here come the holidays with all the obligations they bring. Fortunately, you’ve got the energy to deal with it all, but things will get very tough if you don’t exercise your ability to say “No.” You’ll be able to do more this month – the challenge is to try not to do too much. The month may open with some unwanted news regarding an important matter. Don’t let it get to you because there are plenty of new opportunities coming at month’s end. Schedule yourself well, don’t over-commit and the holiday swing will be a delight.

Just as you’re making a mental list of parties and the stunning things you intend to wear, life hands you luck and opportunity in business. A set back on the 4th may seem to herald bad financial times, but deal with it and forget it, good times are on their way. Be open to new opportunities, new business ventures, and a new financial security. For dramatic, sexy Scorpio this may well not be the holiday sparkle you’d dreamed of, but think of what lovely, devilish things you can do later with all that good fortune!

Your native energy and optimism surges back to your normal levels, perfect timing for holiday pleasures. You’ve perhaps never been this magnetically attractive – to others, to lady luck, and to opportunity in all guises. Don’t be afraid to be optimistic and positive, there’s no need to protect yourself from disappointment. Whenever and wherever you’re radiating your natural positivism, you’ll reap real rewards.

You’ll begin the month feeling withdrawn and worried making you likely to skulk around corners at holiday gatherings. Try to do the least required of you socially and then go home and stew. All this mental stress and energy is necessary for you to generate some positive solutions by month’s end. Any set backs or reversals will turn to your advantage if you take them in stride. If you play your cards right, plan, analyze and strategize, by the end of the month you’ll be sitting pretty and next year will be a stellar one.

Hope you’d planned for a packed holiday party season because you’re on everyone’s list. It’s no wonder as your crooked grin, detached charm and sense of fun are always in demand, but more so lately. Keep you equanimity and enjoy yourself, social opportunities this month will lead to great luck at work or in financial windfalls. However, all this good luck has to end, and end it does around the Winter Solstice – at that point you’ll be likely to be outfoxed by someone. Mind your wallet for a few days around that time, and you should otherwise benefit from all the astrological fortune at your disposal.

Naturally sociable, you adore being surrounded by loved ones, friends and associates. And this season all eyes will be on you – meaning you’ve got to watch your step. There’s no chance that anyone will miss any slip-ups. Mind yourself, your manners, your responsibilities and the month will go quite nicely. If you don’t attend to details, you’ll pay for it. Get through all this scrutiny without mishap ’til the Winter Solstice and you’ll be amply rewarded by a wonderful opportunity.

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