Healing Yourself

Are You Interested in Healing Your Body and Mind?

Pain! Emotional or physical, how we go through it matters. I teach people to take charge of their life by surrendering to who they are, their own mastery, instead of trying to be who they are not: a human being struggling through the constant challenges of life. If it hurts this much right now, is that telling you something is not working?

Most people ignore the internal intuitive messages we hear to change something. We prefer to blame others, blame God, and wonder why disease and emotional pain strike. Worse than that, we cry that it keeps coming at us, time and time again. This is like asking for a magic pill that allows to continue destructive habits and not correct what clearly needs to change.

“Let me hate, gossip, fear and rage at things, people and God. I criticize whom I wish. Let me steal and be as cheap as a nickel! Yet, please, don’t make me accountable for my words and actions. Let me ignore nutrition and eat junk, but please, PLEASE make me healthy, happy and abundant!” An insane wish!

We cannot engage in negativity and have health or happiness anymore than a farmer can sow wheat and reap corn. We always reap as we sow.

Failure to be aware, responsible and release negativity leads to an endless succession of similar events and experiences. Hence, the agonizing question: “Why is this happening to me… Again?!”

The only restorative processes are those which face and release stored negativity. The body can then use its own recuperative powers to rebuild.

True forgiveness is the master release process, a tool that opens the energy field of the mind and body and liberates destructive energies from within. Once you actually understand Forgiveness, you will never forgive anyone again. Forgiveness is not letting another off the hook for their offenses. The root meaning of Forgiveness in Aramaic is “to cancel, untie or let loose.” It is a tool for changing a reality in the mind.

To heal is to identify destructive emotions or thoughts that reside within your energy system. Own them as yours, although they appear to be caused by someone else. HINT: If you’ve had a particular conflict eighty-seven different times, with forty-two different people, notice you are the one who has been there every time.

Your thoughts are the output of your mind and the realities from your mind reflect the energies held in your body. The output of a human mind tells more about the content of that mind than about the perceived world!

The steps to happiness and freedom? Be accountable for your thoughts, emotions, and realities. It’s your life! Recognize and undo destructive energies. Learn to Forgive. The person or event you think “causes” pain only surfaces realities that are already within you. They have given you the opportunity to heal. Again! Take advantage of that opportunity!

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    Thank you Spencer, for another fabulously, insightful article. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.-Amanda ext. 5605


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