Hope Checklist for Lost Relationships

Don’t Give Up on Your Relationship Yet!

Even though your relationship seems over “this time,” you just can’t move on. You wish you could, and can’t figure out why you can’t. The answer is simple: Now is not the time. Over the years I’ve helped a lot of clients with their relationships and there is a common thread that unites them all: Things are never what they seem.

I’ve seen situations where couples get divorced, live with other people, have terrible custody and assets battles and then get back together (as I predicted).  “Unexpected” outcomes like the one I just mentioned arise and the caller cannot believe it will happen like I say it will. But it does happen, just as I predicted and the caller calls me back and says, “I will never doubt you again.”

“Love is a promise; love is souvenir, once given never forgotten, never let it disappear.” – John Lennon

Over time hurt, anger, resentment and lots of other negative feelings pile up. One partner treats the other terribly or they treat each other terribly. There are horrible accusations, name-calling and restraining orders. They embarrass themselves and in general, act like crazy people all in the midst of a breakup or immediately after. But there is a purpose to what they are going through and there is always a light at the end of the tunnel in some way, shape or form. There is hope.

Here’s how to know if your relations has a second (or third, or fourth, or fifth, etc.) act:

1. They reach out to you for something that seems insignificant.

2. They call or text you by “accident.”

3. They ask mutual friends/acquaintances about you.

4. You still share things like pets, children or assets.

5. You have broken up and gotten back together before.

6.  You feel like you have had a stronger connection with them than anyone you’ve been with before.

7. You note their weaknesses, but you are also very aware of your own.

8. You don’t see yourself with anyone else, even after a reasonable amount of time has passed since the breakup.

9. A lot of things pop up that remind you of them.

10. You keep running into each other unexpectedly.

Sometimes for people to get on the right relationship track they have to be shaken up and given time and space to gain awareness, clarity and to get themselves together. No matter what the other person is saying to you, if there are ways the two of you keep connecting somehow, hope remains. In many situations, even in the case of divorce, one individual will tell the other how much happier they are without them, how they don’t want anything to do with them, etc. But the truth of the matter is, if these things were really true, and the person didn’t want the other in his or her life, there would be no communication, and one person would make no acknowledgment of the other.

So, if you are still “stuck” on a relationship that seems to have ended and can’t move forward and don’t know why or how, really consider some of the items on the checklist and how and why they would apply to your situation to determine for yourself if there really is some hope for a reconnection—even if on the surface it seems an impossibility. Impossible, unexpected things happen to people every minute of every day. Why should your situation be any different?

7 thoughts on “Hope Checklist for Lost Relationships

  1. mary lou white

    I have been with benny for almost 6yrs and it has been a roller coaster for the last 2yrs… he started back drinking 2yrs ago after being quit for 17yrs… the 1st 3yrs was great, i had a son to get killed in the army and benny was great through all that… now everything is my fault that he is losing everything and calls me bad bad names and accussing me of messing around all the time… he has put his hands on me since he started back drinking, but i put a stop to that i had him locked up… just want a good strong relationship… i feel like i owe benny something…

  2. mary jo

    I was with John off and on again for 6 years. He gave me a ring on Valentines Day and we were planning to build a house on his property with the money I had. We had things ready to get started and the bottom fell out. He told me that I was controlling and I didnt trust him. I got very upset when he told me that and asked him what was wrong. That was on april 3. He has not talked to me since that night. and by the way that all took place on the phone. He still has all his guns at my house and has not came and got them yet even after I told he to come and get them because I am moving to my own place. What do you think of this. By the way he is living with his mother now and she is being very needy and does not want him to leave her alone now. She is cutting me down for every thing.

  3. linda

    I’ve been talking to a guy for 2 months I’m very much in love with him I have been texting him but he has not text me back lately his last message was that’s all you what does tha what does that mean he said we we 6 don’t know what’s going on no I’m very confuse

  4. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Giovanna,

    Your article rings true…LOL….

    ….in fact, about over a year ago, I remember telling you that it’s a wild & crazy world out there when it comes to love and passion…..I remember relating to you that I’ve read on couples who have keyed each others cars, cut each others tires, broke each others windows, got each other fired from their job, got restraining orders on each other, put each other in jail….and then…kissed and made up and married within months of these events !

    Sometimes it’s seems that it’s not all smooth sailing into the calm ‘ harbor of love and commitment ‘, ……but rather a wild white water rapids ride !!!

    Great article, Giovana

  5. alexandra

    I been involved with this guy for a whole year. He was lock up for 16 yrs. He’s been out for a yr. We been on and off the whole yr. We both live in the same apartment complex. We we’re broken up at the time so he dated a another women in the same complex also. He cheated on her serval times to be with me. They broke up. We got back together after that I couldn’t trust him anymore. Kept acussing him he kept telling me I’m the only one. Make matters worse I’m four months pregnant with his child.He moved out of these apartments yesterday.
    Im very emotionally upset cause he call it off. And this time I don’t believe he’s coming back.Dont no what to do I need help.

  6. Cat

    Giovanna, thank you. Today of all days (your site has emphasized repeatedly June 19 is the luckiest day of this year) for you to write exactly what I want/need to hear. I simply cannot envision when your loved one up and walks out on you that there is more to the play, more acts to come. Long, long ago that was the case in that we would break up for our own good–bump into each other in town constantly and get back together. That went on 12 years. When did it stop? Yep, when I moved 800 miles away. Maybe it would be if I had not moved. The new one–2 hours apart. If only he could bump into me but your article declares all is possible. And every psychic I have agonized with over this issue (apart 4 months now) sees us as a couple for sure. Four of you. Hmmm, oh ye of little faith… I must say in watching a video 2 days ago–the psychic said put your question out there, ask for a sign, give it time for the universe to answer. Hoping you are that sign! You have the look of a “goddess” in my view and I am longing to read with you but–I have a predicted time frame of June 13 to June 21. Having dreams of him with me, should give her words some time. Your articles are terrific and always cover kindly things rattling my cage. Write on goddess of lofty ideas. Thanks.


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