Heal Through Kundalini Yoga

The Ancient Indian Solution for Self-Improvement

At the base of your spine is a coiled energy called “kundalini.” This center holds a warm energy that can flow gently up your body, through your head and out into the universe, bringing you peace and balance. Hindu mythology tells of a goddess called Kundalini—a serpent. She exists coiled around the first or base chakra.

Kundalini, both the Goddess and the energy, erupts in times of crisis or peril and rages into a flaming strength and power to protect or heal you. That giant kick in the psyche, my friends, could be daunting if you’re unprepared or unaware.

Kundalini yoga, as taught by an experienced practitioner, can get you acquainted with this amazing resource and add an incredible weapon to your holistic healing arsenal. The burn of kundalini is thought to superheat your chakras—and may actually smoke out a cold, overpower a fever, and vaporize stuff that blocks or unbalances your energy system. Some people report that kundalini yoga brought feeling back to body parts that were numb. Some claim kundalini is the power that allows a person to find strength enough to lift up an automobile and save the life of a person in peril.

When kundalini rises, the energy and vibration in your body changes completely. You will definitely find your consciousness in a higher state. You may experience a heightened awareness, clearer perception, even keener hearing. You might feel a hum or vibration deep inside you. If the rising is sharp, sudden, and full, people report new psychic awareness. You might see auras. Perhaps you’ll dream of your future, or remember a past life.

Yoga and meditation can prepare you to use and control that kind of energy blast. You can grow into a beautiful adeptness, but it’s best to find some formal training and do a bit of reading before you try to fly. My favorite teacher, Shakti Gawain, has a couple of grounding exercises on her video and audio programs to keep your feet firmly on the ground when you work with kundalini and chakra healing. Briefly, she says to begin your yoga session with meditation, and begin meditation with grounding that goes like this:

Sit on the floor and close your eyes. With your spine straight, take three deep cleansing breaths. Then envision a long cord coming from your head, through your body’s core, and into the base of your spine. Allow the cord to move all the way through your body. Picture it burying itself deeply into the earth, where it remains securely anchored as you practice.

Once you’ve mastered that elementary skill, you can move on to in-depth use of kundalini yoga and meditation. Swimming, stretching exercises, sexual activity, and meditation enhance kundalini energy. For best health and most effective benefits from kundalini, eat pure foods, regularly exercise both mind and body, manage stress, and avoid toxins. You’re bound to feel better, more energized, and more capable of creating and maintaining good holistic well being.

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    Kundalini yoga seems to be very effective in meditation matters.
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