Gratitude and the Light Within

Gratitude and the Light Within

Finding the Light in Difficult People

The holidays are approaching and for many it’s a stressful time with a lot of negative drama. Maybe it’s your aunt who is eager to gossip about your new boyfriend, or your mother who gives you that look when you walk into the room wearing something she doesn’t like. Then there are the intrusive questions like, “Why did you lose your job?” or “When are you two finally going to have a baby?” Gasp! The judgement can flow like grandma’s lumpy gravy at Thanksgiving. No one likes it, but everyone gets a helping.

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As a psychic, I know that the holidays are an emotional roller coaster for many of my clients. I get a lot of calls this time of year about the stresses of dealing with the upcoming holidays and family dynamics. Having had my own dysfunctional times, I speak from experience when I say that gratitude is what gets you though. Have gratitude for whoever is in your life!

Look for the Light Within

I am able to feel grateful for everyone in my life, no matter who they are, because I recognize the light within them. I believe that inside each person is the essence of spirit, a divine light, just waiting for someone to see it. This light within is too often masked by fears, covered up by judgments and hidden by painful life experiences. It helps to understand that the person that may be judging you the most may in fact be the most fearful. The person that seems overly concerned about your life can be afraid to take a look at their own. Knowing this doesn’t condone negative behavior, but it can help you to see beyond petty judgments to find the light within each person.

Setting Intentions 

When you seek the light within another person, it can be an amazing experience. You may learn interesting life experiences about them that they have kept to themselves. But, how can you find the light within another? By setting the intention to look. Ask about who they are and what they love, where they have been, and appreciate whatever their best qualities are. Too often, we fail to look for the light. But when we do look, the response can be a surprise of glowing appreciation, while their entire demeanor softens. They then have an opportunity to look at you in a different light. Finding their light can bring out your own light even more and that’s something to be grateful for.

Your Soul Group

The people who are in your life are part of your soul group. And each person in your soul group is a gift of wisdom to you. Those who are the most difficult to us can also bring us the greatest life lessons. We can learn from each one of them if we allow ourselves to find the light within them. Cultivating that light can take practice but when you find it you will be amazed at how grateful they will be that you did. So will you! When we find the light within we practice gratitude for each person in our lives. This gratitude can spread like good stuffing at the dinner table. We all want to taste it.

Value Yourself

Gratitude for the lessons and wisdom offered by others takes us energetically to a place of not relying on the opinions of others to value ourselves. This bring to us more abundance and love. Whenever we are grateful, what we are grateful for expands. Gratitude turns your holiday dinner table into a place of love. So at your holiday dinner table, why not light a candle to remind yourself to find the light within others. Finding the light and feeling gratitude are dishes well served!

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4 thoughts on “Gratitude and the Light Within

  1. Ivory Psychic ext 6551

    Great article, Eileen, You gave some very practical ways of handling family stress over the holidays, thank you! Other things that I have found helpful for my clients is to remind yourself that everyone has an opinion (on your life) and if they share it without you asking for it (which often puts people on the defense) start your reply back with “thank you so much for caring about me and XXX (my employment/baby plans/relationship etc). I have heard everything you said and am going to take some time to digest it and see how I can apply your advice to my situation”. This usually will cut off further “advice” and you have let the other person know you have heard what they said and will take it into consideration without committing yourself to doing what they want you to do.

  2. wanda

    This is an outstanding article and most thought provoking. I am going to practice it! It sure beats being upset! Thanks a Bunch.


  3. Melissa

    When will we move to our own place again.we are staying with family due to our home got destroyed in bad needing to know please. Thank you


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