Feel Gratitude for the Life You’ve Been Gifted

Feel Gratitude for the Life You've Been Gifted

Gratitude for Something Greater in Life

Gratitude is funny thing, as it’s a word bandied about quite a bit. We are told why we should be grateful and told that practicing gratitude is a good thing to do. Yet for many, including myself, I still have many childhood associations with being grateful and being guilty. “Eat all that food on your plate” my mother would bark. “Don’t be so ungrateful, as there are kids in Africa who live on a grain of rice day.” Being grateful was to appreciate how good you had it because others had it worse. This kind of guilt-driven gratitude doesn’t really capture the spirit of what it really is to feel grateful.

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The Gift of Gratitude

Gratitude arises from the understanding that life is truly a gift. None of us has earned our time here. No one has paid and laboured to get to be born into this life. Our life has been gifted to us, and a lot goes on inside of you just to keep you alive. Take away one of a number of vital elements and you’ll perish! Food in a matter of weeks, water in a matter of days, air in a matter of minutes.

Life is Holding Us

We are not “holding on to life.” Rather, life is holding us. The whole locus of control and struggle within psyche comes from the belief that life is something we have to hang on to, protect, defend, guard, control and advance. You don’t have life. Rather you are life. All the magic and splendour you see when you look at the night sky, all the beauty and magnificence  you feel in a forest—all that becomes part of who you are. You don’t live on the earth. Rather, you are a unique expression of the earth. You are a flower of love and consciousness. You are not born into this wold. Rather, you are born from this world.

Life is a Gift

So when life holds me, it feels humbling and kind. All this happens without will or want, struggle or planning. So the first and most fundamental practice of gratitude is the appreciation of the gift of life. Your life, in its current state, is a gift! And each day is a unique gift that we can give back and contribute to. If you feel that you life is a gift, that positive feelings imbues itself into your work, relationships, and ultimately, your destiny.

You are Part of Something Bigger and Greater

If you can value the gift of your own life, then you can also value the gift of other lives—in essence, all life. Just sit back and ponder how unfathomable and enigmatic it is that we have ended up a small part of a giant galaxy, on this blue-green planet, with all  these different minds and hearts. We’re all searching for meaning and purpose. Don’t you feel privileged to be a part of this cosmic odyssey? Like Carl Sagan once said “We are a way for the cosmos to know itself.”

Your are participating in such a wonderful and unceasing escapade! If you let that sink in, it will invoke nothing but gratitude.

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12 thoughts on “Feel Gratitude for the Life You’ve Been Gifted

  1. sudershan tinjni

    I hve learnt that if we focus on what we want and NOT ON WHAT WE DON’T WANT, and use positive affirmations, things r bound to improve. Law of attraction works so be happy and keep positive thoughts and experience happy change in ur life.

  2. Ivory Psychic ext 6551

    When I moved to the South one phrase I heard repeatedly was “find the blessin’ in the lesson”. Yes, bad things happen, but what can we learn from the bad thing that we can use to improve our lives today? For example, if you had a really rotten childhood that probably taught you how to be an awesome parent because you would not want to put your children through the tough things you experienced. If you have experienced bad relationships, take a moment to look at where you are meeting your significant others or the types of people they are…Is there a pattern? Once you recognize the pattern you have the power to change it and THAT is the lesson! Once you change it and get a different result – there is your blessing! You have overcome that obstacle! Sometimes things are not in our control (our childhood, abuse, trauma, job layoffs, etc.) but stop and think what about the situation IS in our control that we can use to move us in a positive way? Experienced hurt or pain or abuse or trauma? How can you channel that into something positive like helping foster kids in the same position or working at an abused woman’s shelter or rehab center? Lost your job? Use this time to go back to school and get training for a career you have always wanted to do! Need money right away? What do you already know how to do? You have talents and skills that other people need, even if it is just cleaning a house, there is someone out there that can’t do it and will pay you. It is an opportunity to look inside and see what YOU are good at or what YOU have overcome! THAT is the blessin’ in the lesson!

  3. charde

    I have a spirirt following me since birth and I need to know who it is so I can fix what ever went wrong with it to make it torchure me this hhorrible way. all the men in my life embody it I’m starting to notice a pattern now and even some women can embody it if I’m using the right word (embody). I have always been poor and I am at this moment. even if you cant talk to me directly could u at least pray I figure this whole thing out b4 I decide to TRUELY leave which I think is what it wants me to do if I am really herE

  4. Archer 6512

    For Ginny and Frish,
    I agree with you both and I have also had some fairly dark periods of my life. Pain and suffering feels like an unavoidable aspect of the human experience and times it can feel overwhelming and unmoveable. It’s like our problem become who we are and define how we see life. Trying to remind myself of life as gift is something that can provide hope, in what feels like an ever darkening world. As I choose to believe I have been given this life for something other than a passage of time through a vale of tears. It doesn’t make the pain go away, it just puts in a more meaningful context. The truth is the world as stands is unfair and cruel place. The majority of the population live in abject poverty for no other reason that the greed of few. We are destroying our planet at such a rapid rate it’s surreal. That’s just the bigger picture. Then on a personal level a study as shown 1 in 5 people have been sexual abuse, 1 in 4 beaten in their childhood, so there is a huge underswell of unresolved trauma in so many people’s lives. All this paints bleak picture, which in my mind at least makes the nurturing of hope, gratitude, faith and the love feel all the more critical. As without hope the desolation will just swallow you hope. Without gratitude hurt and anger will just consume you and without love everything just begins to be meaningless. Why we have been gifted this life I don’t know. Why it’s so painful I don’t know either. What I do know is the gratitude, joy and kindness I can put in the face of that suffering , will have some impact, somewhere with someone . As I do believe there is something in this life that is bigger than me, that I am somehow part of that puts some of this into context. Called it god, tao or spirit that faith that life is more mysterious and mystical than it appears. I get glimpse of it here and there but just enough to sustain some degree of hope in the world we live in. I really like this quote from Valery Grossman as I think sums the goodness of life and people really well.

    “Human history is not the battle of good struggling to overcome evil. It is a battle fought by a great evil struggling to crush a small kernel of human kindness. But if what is human in human beings has not been destroyed even now, then evil will never conquer”

    We don’t have huge amount of control in life but the part we do comes down to how we choose to see things. Can we meet suffering with Compassion? Can we meet hatred with love? Can meet greed with generosity? None those are easy thing but I do feel they are worth working towards one way or another. Thanks for feedback and I wish you all the best.

  5. June

    Life is truly a gift but its not all one way. I am recently breaved and life is hard on my own but I am at my happiest when I am giving somthing to an other person. I doesent mean that I dont cry on my own any more but I do experience hope when I AM GIVING. jUNE

  6. jula

    response to Ginny. I know hon that you are feeling despair and loss. I will keep you in my
    prayers that life cuts you a break. Sometimes it feels like we’re cursed, but there are also
    a lot of blessings which we often forget.

    sending my love and praying for your health.


  7. Frish

    All sounds wonderful but in reality when life becomes a series of challenges and struggle; how can one look at it as a gift?

  8. Ginny

    I am sorry but I do not agree with you on this matter of life being a gift. I feel it is a burden and I for one do not care for it. I can not think back in my life and remember happy times lasting more then a day, as a matter of fact it has been saddness and sorrow most of the time. I would be happy if it was to end tomorrow for there is nothing here for me but more hurt and pain.




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