Your Weekend Horoscope: Blessed by Beauty

Weekend Horoscope

You Weekend Horoscope

Venus entering graceful Libra is a call to cultivate and enjoy beauty, the arts, and everything that makes life more harmonious and delightful. Check your sign to find out which area of your life will be blessed by beauty and to learn how best to harness its harmonious energy. Here is your Weekend Horoscope!

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Venus, in your partnership sector, elevates your committed relationship by inspiring old-school romance. If you are currently coupled, the next few weeks could be a delightful time for you and your mate. Single Aries may attract a partner who knows the value of courtship and is commitment-ready


Your ruler, Venus, entering your work sector, could bring a project that you feel particularly passionate about. Your love for what you are doing will set the stage for you to excel. Don’t allow insecurity or fear to be a hindrance. You will soon see that practice makes perfect, according to your Weekend Horoscope.


Venus, in your romance sector, energizes your dating life. The romantic partners you attract now will be people whose energy inspires you to grow. Be ready to step outside of your box, Gemini. True love may arrive in the form of someone who is outside of your usual social circle.


Your Weekend Horoscope says that Venus, in your domestic sector, brings beauty to your home and harmony to your family life. You could be doing more entertaining in the weeks ahead, so this is a good time to spruce up your space. Whether you engage in seasonal cleaning or take on a redecoration project, enhancing your space will uplift you.


Venus, in your communication sector, enlivens both the spoken and written word. Because you express yourself so beautifully, people will be eager to hear what you have to say. This zone also rules siblings, neighbors, and people in your immediate environment, so you can expect these relationships to be more harmonious.


Venus, in your financial sector, makes you a magnet for money. Under this influence, you attract cash, opportunities, and material possessions with ease. However, a desire for luxury could also inspire you to spend money just as quickly as you make it. Be sure to save some for later!


Venus, in your sign, enhances your natural beauty and powers of attraction.This might sound shallow, but the truth is that you actually become a better person when you put your best face forward. It is all about appreciating and honoring the gifts bestowed upon you by the universe.


Venus, entering your house of secrets, can bring romantic intrigue and drama, according to your Weekend Horoscope. You might be involved in a clandestine affair or might have other reasons for keeping a romance on the down low. Alternately, you could opt to be drama free and take a timeout from romance altogether.


Venus, in your social sector, brings new and interesting opportunities to spend time with friends and to make new acquaintances. You might feel inclined to do your own thing or just hang out with you current love interest, but it pays to widen your social circle and to collaborate with friends.


Venus, entering your career sector, allows you to shine in your professional world. It will take talent to earn you a seat among the movers and shakers, but you will need to make the right impression just to get your foot in the door. Cultivate the image that spells success.


Venus, in your house of higher consciousness, encourages you to pursue opportunities that will expand both your mental and physical horizons. Travel, study, and the pursuit of opportunities outside of your everyday life will broaden your perspective and provide a greater understanding of life. Your Weekend Horoscope reminds you to be on the lookout for ways to grow.


Venus, in your intimacy zone, turns up the volume on passion. Your connection with your partner deepens as you spend more time exploring the sensual side of your relationship. This zone also rules shared resources, so you can expect more financial support from others in the weeks ahead.

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