Get Some Sleep!

Sleep. We need it in order to function optimally when we’re awake. Yet somehow, when life gets busy, sleep is one of the first things we sacrifice. We tell ourselves that we’ll make up for it tomorrow or the next day or over the weekend, but we never seem to really catch up. That’s because sleep depravation (though you may tell yourself you’re not sleep deprived, just working hard), is cumulative, and nothing barring a regular sleep schedule is really going to get you back on track and feeling your best!

But what if you can’t sleep? If you’re someone who has trouble settling down after a long day or tosses and turns when the lights go out for any reason, the ancient art of placement (Feng Shui) may have some answers for you!

There are several elements that are absolutely key to a properly balanced bedroom (and a good night’s sleep) according to Lillian Too and Terah Kathryn Collins, both of whom are recognized experts in the field. First, it’s important to remember that the bedroom is a place for relaxing, not for working, exercising or – gasp – watching TV!

What does that mean to you?

If it’s at all possible, rid your bedroom of any work elements. Your desk, your computer, your files (and any items not related to resting or romance) do not have a place here! And that includes your television! If you simply have to have these things in your bedroom for lack of space, shield them from your view in the evenings with a screen or curtain. The idea behind this is that we can be easily distracted by what we can see or energy we can feel. Thereby, we must create a space for rest, recovery (and romance, but that’s a different topic!), if we want to get it!

On that same note, keep anything troubling out of your bedroom! For instance, a friend of mine who has been dealing with being overextended financially had difficulty sleeping. Then she realized that she’d been tossing her credit card-filled purse on the other side of her king sized bed and forgotten about it

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