Gemstones Dazzle

Gemstones have long captured our hearts and minds. Even as children
we’re drawn to glitzy baubles such as our mothers’ and grandmothers’
earrings and charms. But maybe it’s worth asking if this attraction is
based on more than their outward beauty – perhaps from an early age we
instinctively sense their subtle powers!

In traditions around the world – including Tantra, Ayurvedic medicine and astrology – gemstones are recognized for their healing abilities, and have been used as spiritual and meditation aids that develop intuition and psychic ability – and help us find greater peace, happiness and prosperity.

The basic belief behind all these traditions is that gemstones are conduits for different kinds of energy. By wearing them against our skin, we are inviting those energies into our lives on both a spiritual and a cellular level. So whether you aim to heal the body, the heart or the mind, there is surely a gemstone prescription for you.

In Western astrology, gems are associated with individual signs. In Ayurvedic astrology, they are associated with the planets. With all these differing interpretations, how does one go about choosing gemstones? If you’re really serious, you can consult a psychic or an astrologer to help you choose the right ones, but you can also use your intuition to some degree. Consider shape, color and, of course, quality. Gemstones come in all sizes and styles – as natural crystals, carvings, wands and jewelry. If handling a particular gemstone feels right, then it’s probably beneficial to you!

Here are some of the more popular gemstones and their benefits:

Enhances spiritual practice and psychic abilities. Promotes creativity. Excellent for those seeking to free themselves from addictive behaviors. Calming, strong, protective.

Stimulates loving energies. By loving more, one increases the love returned. Protects against fear, envy, rage and sorrow.

A great problem-solving stone. Attracts abundance, and diffuses self-destructive tendencies. Helps to get rid of negative energies. Warming, energizing, hopeful.

Increases concentration. Ideal for meditation.

The stone of devotion. Helps bring love from others to you. Rids the body of negative energy, and brings it into a beneficial balance.

Green Jade
Facilitates peace on a physical, emotional, intellectual and material level. Associated with good fortune.

Arouses tenderness within the self. Brings happiness wherever it is found. Introspective, reflective, lunar.

Peridot (Olivine, Chrysolite)
Provides a protective shield to maintain alignment and balance. Encourages happiness with one’s self. Assists in overcoming anger and jealousy. Warm, friendly, protective.

Clear Quartz
A very powerful gemstone that brings the energy of the universe into the soul to harmonize and align the body, mind and spirit. Aids clarity of mind. Stimulating, harmonizing, healing.

Rose Quartz
Promotes self-love in a gentle, calming way. Removes negative energies. Can be used to help bring peace and calmness to relationships. Rejuvenating, healing, expressive of friendship.

Tones and strengthens the body. Excellent for the lungs and respiratory system. Promotes emotional balance and creative expression. Peace, communication, loyalty.

The variety of gemstones – and their uses and interpretations – are vast. For more information, you can consult books like The Healing Power of Gemstones by Harish Johari or Love is in the Earth: A Kaleidoscope of Crystals by Melody, where the above crystal interpretations were found.

Gemstones liven up your environment and your person – and they are a wonderful way to help you maintain health and happiness on so many levels!

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