Finding Peace in a Chaotic World

In today’s rapidly changing world, it is often a real challenge to feel safe, secure or loved. With rising unemployment rates, global crises, and the disappointments that relationships often bring it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Often, in such difficult times, our relationships feel the stress even before we realize what has happened. There are several ways you may want to explore to help you bring balance and stability into your stress filled days. Here are 3 simple ways to start…

1. Pay attention to your breathing. I know it may seem like a very obvious thing to do, but paying real attention to your breathing is one of the fastest and most direct ways to remove tension. When we are in a tense situation, whether it’s sitting in a traffic jam or getting ready for a job interview, we have a tendency to take shallow breaths and this causes our body to assume there is a real danger approaching (remember, our bodies are still set on “fight or flight” responses and if you aren’t moving the rest of your body, it will assume that you are not “fleeing” and it will prepare to “fight”. This is one of the prime motivators behind road and air rage). The minute you see a potentially tense situation ahead, slow down. Take a deep cleansing breath: in through the nose and out through the mouth. Do this 3 times. That’s all it takes. It reroutes all the active adrenaline components and returns you almost immediately to your resting state in mind and body.

2. Take time to play. When was the last time you flew a kite? Or just laid down in the grass and watched the clouds? There are so many very simple pleasures that the “grown up” world has forced us to leave behind! These sweet (and often free) things are so very good for the soul. Personally, I always carry several small bottles of bubbles with me. Whenever I see some people who are appearing sad or tense, I take out one of these little bottles and begin to blow a few bubbles their direction. It is wonderful to watch these very tense “grown ups” become children in just one moment as they watch these tiny, multi-colored orbs drift in their direction! When I lived near a big city and had to deal with traffic, I would have a big bottle of bubbles in my truck. During the worst of a hot and miserable traffic jam, I would roll down the windows and set free a bunch of bubbles. It was no time at all before the kids in the neighboring cars were pointing and laughing and the parents took as sigh of relief. It really is the power of joy that can turn any situation around.

3. Turn off your television. Dedicate at least one evening to not touching the tube. You would be shocked if you really noted how much time goes into being “programmed” by your television. Take some time to gather your OWN thoughts about important subjects of the day. Read a book. Talk to your family or friends. Play a board game. There are so many things that can be done instead of “plugging in” every night. When you don’t have fear and consumption being yelled at you every 10 minutes from that box in the living room, you will have a noticeably calmer evening.

10 thoughts on “Finding Peace in a Chaotic World

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  4. sedona extension 5272

    Hi Jesse!
    Thanks for the wonderful article! So wise!

    When I feel overwhelmed or stressed I take three breaths to release the tension in my body, then three breaths to relax my thoughts/mind, then three more breaths to release and relax my emotions. If I have time, I repeat the process.

    I love what you’ve done with bubbles! Great ideas! I just saw I book titled PLAY at Barnes and Noble last week. It really is about the importance of play.

    Instead of watching TV I like to go out, go to the beach or somewhere I can connect with friends, family, other human beings.


  5. Mary Jean

    Hi Jesse!

    Great article — so much power packed into 3 points!!! Best of all it works. When I’m overwhelmed with all I have to do I like to take little “kindness breaks”. Today my break was taking those 3 breaths and feel re-energized.

    Thanks for all the beauty you add to our world my friend!
    Mary Jean

  6. misskrystal

    Hello Miss Jesse-Great post….It really also started to make me think about all of the new tech stuff in the last 13 years. I go back to my early 20’s, way before the Internet/cell’s etc. I can see where things were different….I can also see how I would be different were I to be in my 20’s now….As a teen in the 1980’s, I had to be more creative to have fun etc. vs the kids now today, ie kids can text all day and night etc. I did not have that……..It’s like where do we draw the line? You offer great tips, however…. Too much of anything can be a problem. Hope all is well and it is great to see you on here. Thank you.
    Loved the article..
    miss krystal

  7. Jacqueline x9472

    Hello Jesse,
    Great article, I totally agree with you with all the uneasiness going on, it is so important to take care of you, when my kids were young and there was arguing taking place among them, I would always just start laughing, after a few minutes everyone was laughing and the energy was switched.

    Great words of wisdom I could not agree more with you, it is important to play, be happy, relax, all of these things will pass, so when you feel over whelmed start laughing, and then laugh some more and as I say “fake it till you make it” after a while you will see that it stuck.

    Blessings and Big Hugs!

    Jacqueline x9472

  8. jinnah

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  9. balancedesires

    Hi Jesse!

    I agree with Gina Rose! Perfectly written & well said! I do garden as well, Gina Rose what do you do in the winter months to play?? I draw with crayons, literally!! 🙂 Hugs

  10. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hail and Well Met, Jesse

    Great article Jesse… ROCK !!!!

    Yes…..I begin meditation with deep breathing…..and I end my meditation with deep breathing as well

    ….when I’m stressed I practice deep breathing…..and it WORKS !!!!
    Hence the saying ” take a deep breath and count to ten ” before you react when stressed.

    Yes….play is important…let your inner child ” come out to play ” now and then…..personally,I go play in the dirt in my garden & yeah, it’s good to get a little muddy now & then…..connecting with Mother Earth is relaxing.

    Yes…turn the TV off……..unless you are watching an ad for CP……LOL ( sorry , couldn’t resist).
    seriously though…..too much news, especially nowadays, with throw you into over-load mode !

    Blessed Be my friend, Jesse

    Gina Rose ext.9500


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