Fall In Love With Money

The good news is, you can also shift your perspective when it comes to money, and it will change your income – possibly quite quickly. So if you’re not satisfied with your bank account – or some other aspect of your financial profile, for that matter – there’s no better season than transformational autumn to shed any negative associations you might have with the idea of wealth, and fall in love with bounty. It’s time for abundance!

No matter how much stress it causes you, attracting wealth begins with a new attitude: loving and respecting money. Now, I can hear you say, who doesn’t love money? That’s true in a way: after all, most of us are pretty good at spending it. But think about the number of times you’ve complained about not having enough. “If only I could afford x, y or z I could [fill in the blank]” has certainly come out of your mouth at some time or another, right? In a world that has us all bombarded with images of wealthy celebrities and their possessions – and expected to live up to the material standards they set – most of us voice these sorts of concerns quite often. We certainly think about them, anyway.

While there’s nothing wrong with wanting more money, it’s important to think it through: first, you’ve got to learn to really appreciate what you’ve got now. Change those “not enough” statements to expressions of gratitude. Whether it’s going on the occasional Starbucks run, buying groceries, having dinner out on occasion, or going on vacation, most of us can find something to be grateful for. If you have to get really basic, the fact that you’re in front of a computer reading this is a great place to start saying “thank you.” It could certainly be worse… and now, you’re going to make it better.

As in a relationship with a person, respect is vital to your new romance with money and success. Consider the way you treat your earnings. Are you constantly worried that there will never be enough… so no matter how much your income increases, you’re somehow still struggling? Are you so fearful you won’t be able to pay your bills that you simply ignore them when they arrive in your mailbox, letting them pile up until you have no choice but to look – and probably pay late fees on top of those high interest rates? That’s not treating money with respect. How do you expect it to flow freely into your life when you’re throwing it away or cursing it?

“Laissez faire” does not work for personal finance. Nor does seeing the glass as eternally half-empty. Growth only happens in the areas of life that you pay attention to. Only the tasks you approach hopefully will truly prosper. You can’t expect to get what you don’t ask for… so make it a point to know what is coming in – and going out – each month. Stay on top of your bills, sure – but also look at your daily and longer-term spending. (Most banks and credit cards will do a breakdown of your spending by category per month, per quarter… and even per year.) After all, only when you know where you’re starting out can you know where you’re heading – and how long it will take to get there.

Whatever you want your financial future to be, you have to commit to making it happen – as with any love relationship. That means not only setting goals and maintaining records, but keeping a positive attitude as you work toward achievement – and acknowledging your progress along the way.

Of course there will be times when money will make you angry – but you have to recognize that ebb and flow is a part of life, love and abundance. Stick to your plan. In the meantime, trust that above all, you are not meant to struggle – you are worthy of having wealth. Shed your fears that wealth is for other people, or that it will never come to you. Wealth requires a few sacrifices (after all, you’re not sacrificing by being responsible, you’re accumulating). Take the responsibility for manifesting what should truly be yours.

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