Different Kinds of Soulmates

Still searching relentlessly for your “soulmate”? You describe them as the person who can love you like no other in the be-all, end-all
relationship – that person who will make you believe in true love. As a
psychic, I would like to suggest that you expand your definition of the
word to extract its full meaning and value.

The term “soulmate” can be very misunderstood. Yes, there are romantic soulmates, but if we look at the true definition, we may find that many of our relationships include other endearing (soulmate) beings; whether they are members of our own family, romantic partners, friends or people we work with.

Karmic connections
A soulmate is a person whose soul has promised to connect with another soul in this lifetime for karmic reasons – to finish unfinished business, or to accomplish a particular goal together. Furthermore, a soulmate experience isn’t one that is guaranteed to be happy or joyful. As a matter of fact, these relationships can end up being sad and disheartening. However, if you allow your soulmate to play their role and accomplish the divine ends your souls have set out to accomplish, you may find that in the end, regardless of any frustration, disappointment and pain, you are all the wiser, stronger and more complete as a result of the relationship. Now, how’s that for a return on an investment in your life’s path?

More than one
If your bubble isn’t burst yet, here’s some further enlightenment – we’re not limited to one soulmate. Your best friend of ten years or you new friend of four months may be a soulmate to you. Your boss or your co-worker may be a soulmate. The lover who broke your heart so badly that you vowed to never love again was probably a soulmate after all! The family member who is more of a best friend than a relative may be a soulmate.

This pre-ordained relationship generally seems to have a “wealth” or “value” of its own – one that is very different from that of our other relationships. Those who are open to life’s complete experience may actually recognize their soulmates while they are in this life. Others may understand the soulmate connection as they look back after the relationship has ended, or they may be revealed by a psychic or another sensitive being. The key to learning from our soulmates is to foster our personal relationships, nurturing those that nourish our own spirit – while detaching from those that have proven to be toxic.

Meant to be
If we can just take to heart the idea that relationships of all kinds are opportunities for growth, we’d have a better perspective on the relationships we create, develop and nurture. Your soulmates, whether romantic or not, arrive in your sphere for a reason. Instead of focusing so much on love and the imaginary “happily ever after,” try re-focusing on life, and the entire truth of its experience. Now that’s a soul connection!

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