Fake it Until You Make it

Appear Confident and Experienced

Growth comes before accomplishment. In life, there will always be periods featuring both, regardless of opportunity or expectation. While securing the tools needed to reach your goal, it’s in your best interest to appear more confident and experienced than you actually are. Instead of getting bogged down by a lack of expertise or comfort, push past your insecurities in order to come out on the other side of advancement and success.

A Can-do Attitude

Confidence is essential to the successful pursuit of life goals. Body language, manner of speech and eye contact are all physical expressions of a confident person. Merely by physically placing yourself in a confident stance and speaking in a self-assured manner, your self-confidence increases. Not only will others see you as confident, but you will also feel more assertive.

Go Big or Go Home

Life is full of risks, and as the saying goes, “The bigger the risk the bigger the reward.” Taking yourself out of your comfort zone in order to obtain a higher quality of life requires courage. Trust yourself and your intuition. Even if you are lacking in experience and knowledge, your subconscious self knows you can achieve this. Believe in your ability to adapt and grow and just go for it.

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Do the Work

You need to do more though than just placing yourself in the middle of the action! Do research and study up on any skills and knowledge you are lacking. Put in the extra effort and hours necessary to accelerate yourself to that next level.

Play With the Big Kids

Going through the motions automatically puts you in the game. If you are moving and shaking to the groove of those around you (even if it feels uncomfortable and scary) the mere fact that you can play with the big kids means you are capable. The longer you play the game, the better you become. Before you know it, you will have “made it” and “faking it” will no longer necessary!

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  1. Barbara

    Very well stated article! Sometimes we think these things but, it helps it absorbe a little better when shared from another person. Thank You ! I needed that…5/7/55bd


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