Empower Yourself with Mantras

A Mantra a Day Keeps the Doctor Away!

When ever I was afraid of anything as a small child my mom would have me close my eyes and chant, “I’m in a beautiful, blue bubble and nothing can hurt me.” I thought this was the most magical thing. I believed the bubble was like invisible powers that protected me. What I know now is that it was actually my mind and its powerful thoughts that placed the protective armor around me as I headed off to face the scary things that awaited me. My mom was actually teaching me to be in control. I still use that chant or mantra to this day. After years of study, research and personal experience I also believe that mantras can be used to help rid the body of common ailments and even help cure people of serious illness if combined with eastern and western philosophy and medicine.

Many great spiritual teachers believe that each ailment the body suffers is directly related to negative emotions like fear, guilt, anger, etc. Getting in touch with these (sometimes suppressed) emotions and learning to clear them from your soul can positively aid in the healing of your body, mind and spirit. Lets look at some common illnesses and diseases and match them with probable causes. Below is a short, paraphrased list from a wonderful book entitled You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay.

Illnesses and Their Emotional Causes

Addictions: running from the self, fear, not loving yourself

Arthritis: feeling unloved, criticism, resentment

Lower back pain: fear of money or lack of it

Bladder problems: anxiety, fear of letting go of the past, being angry (pissed off)

Colds: too much going on at once, disorder

Cancer: deep hurt, secret resentment eating away at you

Diarrhea: fear, rejection, running away

Obesiety: represents protection, oversensitivity

Heart attack: squeezing the joy out in favor of money or power

Migraine headaches: resisting the flow of life, sexual fears

Throat problems: the inability to speak up for yourself

As you can see, the correlation between ailments and emotions is quite logical when broken down. It’s the souls way of using the body to cry for help. Here are a couple of ways to begin to clear the emotional issues and forge a path to better health:

Use Daily Mantras

A mantra is simply a word or phrase repeated over and over to help your spiritual self remind your human self that you are perfect. For example if you suffer from frequent sore throats use this mantra every day, ” It’s okay to make noise. I express myself freely and joyously. I speak up for myself with ease.”

Try the Symbolic Release Method

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. As spiritual beings we know that we can snap our fingers and change our existence in a nano second, but as humans we need ceremony (ie., religious ceremony, birth ceremony, marital ceremony, etc.). To release pent up emotions being stored in your soul, simply write down a list of words representing traumatic events or people’s names that you feel helped to create the negative feelings like guilt, fear, burden or shame. Look at the list. Now really feel these negative emotions. Don’t forget to include anger. Although anger is often considered a negative emotion, it needs to be released in a safe environment so that it doesn’t settle in your soul and cause Dis-Ease! Once you feel ready, take the paper and do a ceremony with it. You can burn it, bury it or turn it into confetti. Do whatever feels right to you! While ridding yourself of the list simply say, “These negative feelings will no longer follow me through life. I will not project them into new experiences or relationships.”

You can use this release as often as you feel you need it.

Now, start fresh and live your life with fewer ailments to hold you back!

4 thoughts on “Empower Yourself with Mantras

  1. April

    This is for Mr. Rabindranath Rao. I think you should re-read your comment & then find whatever mantra works for you to aid in letting go of your unnecessary anger. You’ve taken something that is meant to be positive for many, as a negative toward you & your culture. I choose the authors incorrect way that has left her peaceful & wanting to spread that serenity. It seems your way was unsuccessful in finding true happiness. I have no connection whatsoever with the author but I can say without a doubt that when sitting down to write this, her intent was not to offend anyone or disrespect any culture. A simple explanation on your part would have sufficed. I’m sorry if you’re going through something painful right now & maybe lashed out here? I hope you find true joy and I am sending you peace and love.

  2. Jane

    Wow, I enjoyed reading that article lots, and then the above persons thoughts, to follow it!!!! Hahahahaha. Talk about putting a person in a box quick smart. The affirmations are a good idea, but my soul knows I dont mean them when I say them, whereas the mantra I would give a go to for the vibrations.
    Talked to my sis lately, she had lost her voice, and we talked about how somebody once told her she carries burdens in her chest, which she does. The reason she had lost her voice was, she was afraid she had to speak to somebody about personal matters, and didnt want to say anything, in case she would betray a trust from somebody else. As we talked her voice came back stronger and stronger, and I thought it was amazing.
    I have an addiction, I smoke, so I dont love myself, and this is true. But I do love myself also. I guess I choose how much I love myself. I have had a stroke, mini one, but one nonetheless, and I dont think it was for power, nor money, but could have been lack of joy and stress. I havent been sick for a long time, so I have learned some good things too.
    We are all human at the end of the day, filled with human failings, and Rabindranath Rao, sounds like your mantras and vibrations would do a lot of good, but Josies affirmations are also good. Whatever works to make us know we are all lovely people, whatever culture we come from, and we live and learn and respect each other. Thanks for letting me read and learn more….. I am gonna tell my sister about japa, ad=nd the affirmation, while I shall try the “yahm. Very interesting indeed, thanks again both of you.!!!! Xs

  3. Jodi

    “mantra” is not a word to be thrown around lightly. I agree with Rabindranath Rao. While I too respect your philosophy, I would ask that you change your defininition of “Mantra”, instead possibly using repeat affirmation ? 🙂

  4. Rabindranath Rao

    While I have nothing against the practice, your unwarranted cultural appropriation and misapplication of the term “mantra” is distasteful to millions of spiritual seekers around the world.

    No, a mantra is NOT “simply a word or phrase repeated over and over to help your spiritual self remind your human self that you are perfect.” A mantra recognizes that a collection of sounds in a certain order–not words or phrases–is a vibrational tool that can change your mind, your body, your environment, or the world. For example the sound “yahm” is the root mantra for the heart. It produces vibrations that strengthen your heart chakra. It has no meaning. It’s not a word or a phrase, it is a vibration. Sometimes, a set of such vibrations also happen to form or word or phrase, but it is NOT the word or phrase that is important, it is the vibration. It is the sound.

    Your example of dealing with a sore throat has NOTHING to do with mantras or the repetition of mantras (which is known as “japa”). Rather, it is the very Western practice of positive affirmations. There is nothing wrong with the use of affirmations. Some people find them to be effective. But affirmations have nothing to do with mantras.

    i respect your culture by not claiming your positive affirmations are my mantras. I hope in the future you will respect me and my culture by doing the same.


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