A Beautiful Summer Day

Seize the Day and Enjoy the Incredible Magic of Summer!

It’s a beautiful summer day, and you feel quite alive and happy. You see couples happily walking around, drinking, eating and laughing together. Something inside deep inside you stirs and sends you a message that you are feeling ready for love. You feel that you would like to join this world of happy couples. But how and where do you start?

The first thing is acceptance. You need to accept that just as you are right now, the person that you are right at this time deserves love. Whilst you believe that there may be so many things you would need to change, the opposite is the reality. As you are right now, without changing a single thing, someone, somewhere would find you totally breathtakingly beautiful and quite perfect! Of course we all wish to improve ourselves, and it’s essential that we constantly strive to become the very best version of ourselves. We all need to continue to work at evolving and we do this by embracing and working through the various challenges that life sends us.

So you have decided you are up for some loving—what next? Well, after acceptance, the next stage is where you start to get busy. You should start to push forward doing everything to make yourself feel so much more positive, even if this is just having some pampering, buying a few new clothes, or sorting your hair out. Whatever refreshes and recharges you as a person. As you do this, keep telling the universe that you are indeed ready, and request that love now be sent forward clothed in the body of a man or woman to your very individual taste and liking!

It is then also your responsibility to look at your routines—do you socialize? Can you socialize? Even if you don’t get out too much, what can you do about changing things around? Accept any invitations to attend parties or gatherings that in the past you have maybe given a miss. Open up to all opportunities. Get together with an old friend, eat in a different restaurant. Challenge any patterns that have been formed in the past. It’s a fresh start, and you want this new loving experience to be given every opportunity to come into your life sooner rather than later. Embrace all opportunities and allow yourself the liberty to dream—create an image of the type of love you want, even if you have to imagine for a few seconds exactly what you do NOT want!

As you enjoy changing things up and around, this is a great time to take advice from a psychic. They can clearly see who could be coming into your path and in what type of scenario. They can also help empower you in terms of any negative hangover from previous relationships. A good reader will be able to prepare you further, increase your positive vibration and also give you a clearer idea of timelines. For example they may be able to see a few possible partners and prepare you for the energy they are to bring in. In a reading that I did last year, I clearly saw two men trying to engage with this one lady that I was reading for. One man seemed quite reserved and slow, and the other seemed to have a lot of energy. I predicted it was the slow and reserved one that would win the day. He could offer so much more long term, and what she was seeing was only the tip of the iceberg: he had so much more to give her, whereas the one with so much gusto and energy sadly burnt out much more quickly, and was prone to the “coming in hot and suddenly going cold” syndrome. With my prediction in mind, she could go forward and watch it all unfold; she also held out for the slower man to find his feet so to speak—she had the foresight (from the reading) to look deeper; he did so much more than find his feet, he warmed her heart, he opened her up to a passion she thought she would never feel—in fact they are now living together in North Carolina very happily, and she often jokes to me about her slower man and how he certainly is not slow in anything at all anymore. The power of the reading was that it gave her the insight and information she needed to help be prepared for the journey ahead. She still had total free will; but it gave her just a few more clues as to how best to prepare and also move forward.

So in preparation to make this truly a Summer of Love, be sure to spend little quiet time reflecting on what you are really looking for. Mediate upon it, make a short list of questions you would like to have guidance on and then reach out and make contact with a good professional psychic to maximize the potential of all the wonderful opportunities that await you. We are here now and ready to guide and help you!

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