Earthquake Hits East Coast: Psychics Weigh In

Today’s earthquake on the East Coast was a shock for many. But what was the true significance of the event? Our psychics weighed in…

I live on the East Coast and today decided I would pull out a history book I hadn’t looked at in a long time; about the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.

As I finished the book the floor began to shake and all the objects in the room moved as well.  I stood and and the movements felt even stronger. I had no idea what it was and soon tried to investigate but immediately there was no info available.  The after shock tremors continued…


I thought about manifestation… and that made me laugh. It lightened the feeling at the time.

About 30 minutes later I saw a news alert which confirmed a 5.8 earthquake.  I have not seen any verification since but have been out and heard lots of rumors. My experience with today’s earthquake seemed to begin in 1906; it was an interesting “coincidence” if one believes in such things.

– Charlotte ext. 9350

Just to make sure that we all know that the earth is changing, today’s earthquakes definitely made the point.  Not only does it not matter where we live, the earth is proving that we are all connected, and the uncertainty makes us feel blessed for all gifts in life: waking up, water to drink, food available, safe and healthy family members, our jobs and the means to get there and all the other blessings that maybe are taken for granted we need to be thankful for.   

Blessings, and remember not to be fearful because fear leads to anger which leads to pain. Being grateful makes each day  better.

– Lucy ext. 5353

Gina Rose ext. 9500 predicted this a few days prior:

We have floating balls and very large floating orbs of light here all the time, in fact it very common to see them here, as I live near a major earthquake fault line… in fact, the mountain folk here call them ” spook lights.” These orbs of light generally go hand in hand with open fissures or earthquake fault zones… they are made up of static electricity as the earth’s crusts rub together and cause friction. (Much like if you shake out a blanket in winter, in dry air, and see the static electricity sparks.) I strongly feel that these lights are from the earth’s very restless core… signs of more earthquakes, volcanoes, and natural disasters to come. The earth is becoming very restless…

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4 thoughts on “Earthquake Hits East Coast: Psychics Weigh In

  1. Abigail X 9570

    Yesterday as I was talking to my son I looked at him and said do you feel the Quake? He said Mom is that what that is ? I felt dizzy….we live on the East Coast now having lived in California for many years and Japan my sensor for them is very accute. We are quite a distance from Virgina but we felt it and things were definitely shaking …….This is the Acension that is happening Mother Earth is shifting we are entering the age of Aquarius there are so many more things to come.

    Many Blessings

    Abigail ~

  2. Samantha Harper

    I was laying down I live about 300 miles in a town in Tennessee and I felt my bed shake, and my picture that I have on the wall moved, I called my mom and my grandma both, and they both told me that their had been a earthquake in VA.


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