Do You Have Psychic Ability?

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Over the years I have assisted many clients to become more aware of their own psychic abilities. The first thing to appreciate and understand is that all of us have a psychic ability. As we grow older, if this is not developed it may become so weak that we can hardly recognize it within ourselves. However, it is still within us—it’s just lying dormant.

You will start to consider the question of your own psychic ability exactly when you are being guided to do so. It starts with simple and sometimes slightly unnerving coincidences. Did that really happen? Goodness, I knew that was going to happen… and so forth. Many brush off this feeling or ability as mere coincidences. When you have a really strong feeling or instinct about something, this is you tapping into to your own psychic ability. So if you accept that you have it where can you go with this—how can it be developed?

I always believe that when you ask a question, you indeed will be given an answer. So it’s the same when asking a question of the Divine. Ask to be shown and you indeed will be shown. Personally I ask many questions, and I always get answered, even though sometimes I do not like the answers!

Meditation, I believe, is the next step. This does not involve hour long sessions in your living room sitting staring into space. You can do this for just five minutes in the bathtub or in your bedroom. Embrace a level of silence, and throw out all thoughts. Ask your question, listen to the answer, it will NOT necessarily come booming through in some loud voice, it may be just a whisper or a feeling. It may even be silent. Worry not. Don’t be so surprised if twenty-four hours later you get the feeling that you know exactly what you need to do. If you really think you still have no answer, then ask again and keep asking. Don’t panic… accept that it’s just not time for you to have your answer yet.

I’m working with a young woman at the moment, and when she came to me she shared a difficult background that involved her being subject to levels of jealousy and rivalry. She had long felt a target of different family members’ attacks. I asked her to mediate and ask her question directly to Spirit. The answers came back: do not react—show forgiveness—walk on by. This was difficult, as she had been used to fighting right back. But she took the message, and even had a ceremony to get them to “Spiritually Sling Their Hook” so to speak! Staying out of the firing line and out of direct contact for some months, she continued to work on herself instead of being distracted by them and their negativity. This was her time of Transformation; she developed and tuned in more to her spiritual side than she ever had before. Without the distractions of bickering and daily negative banter, she worked on her own self. Exactly as she needed to. She was no longer a living victim. As time moved forward, she started to have an even greater understanding of her persecutors and where their own insecurities lay. By now she has developed into one of the strongest empaths I have ever met. But remember, her own development started with her own question to Spirit. She now helps and guides others. Some family members have now returned into her life, but the attacks have stopped as the newly formed relationships were on her terms and within her own defined boundaries.

Many people ask me how to develop using tools such as runes or tarot cards. This is entirely driven by whatever you’re personally drawn too. I myself, whilst I have a great love of tarot cards, have always known that my personal powers and strength come when I use just a normal deck of playing cards. They inspire me above all other tools and instruments. So it’s for you to decide and recognize what it is you’re attracted and drawn to. Tarot decks come in so many beautiful and wonderful forms. It’s entirely your choice. There’s no more amazing feeling than choosing your first pack, opening them up, shuffling them, and looking at the wonderful images and illustrations. Then you would need to “spiritualize” them. Again, choose your own way of doing this; perhaps a small ceremony of candles as you shuffle them. Leave them under moonlight one full night (obviously protect them from the rain!). Then start to interpret them. There are many great books on this subject. But also your own personal feelings are most relevant. The cards speak to us all in different ways. Let them speak to you in their own way. This is actually you opening up as a psychic.

To aid and assist you on your journey I do encourage you to talk through your feelings just as my client did above. As psychics ourselves, we can help jump-start your journey of discovery. We can connect with Spirit and help you understand what messages they truly want you to hear. So many psychics have helped me, and still do—yes, all us psychics do enjoy long extensive readings ourselves—believe me when I tell you that this most rewarding and awakening journey never ends. I hope that we will be help you on your journey very soon!

2 thoughts on “Do You Have Psychic Ability?

  1. Fran

    Hello Anton, wonderful article! A little while back I purchased a deck of Lenormand cards, and I absolutely love them. In addition to the cards, I bought a book called “The Essential Lenormand” by Rana George and am learning so much about these beautiful cards. What I find amazing is how accurate my readings are with them, whether I do a daily reading for myself or for a friend. I also use a variety of oracle cards and find comfort and accuracy in those as well. The beautiful thing about the cards, any cards, is that they help me to develop my intuition, because ultimately that is what I use to decipher what it is they are trying to tell me. I hope to read more articles from you soon. I really enjoyed this one. Take care!

  2. nancyopprman

    Hi, how can you tell if you have psychic ability? I am a poor person, in need of funds and help with my bills. Is there any one that is willing to give from the goodness of their heart. Please help.


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